Imperfection Coaching Experience FAQ’s

How much access do I have to my 2 Health Nuts Coach?

Great question! In fact, this is our ONLY program that gives you the highest access to your coach, Janine Serio. Beyond the lifestyle calls you will have with her, Janine is in the closed Facebook group, daily, answering all of your questions, providing additional coaching & support, and fostering a thriving community of like-minded women. Additionally, you will have unlimited email access to her as well!

Do I need to belong to a gym to do the accompanying workouts?

Not at all! These workouts were created to be done ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and with minimal equipment. Even if you do not have equipment to use, all of the workouts can be adapted as “body weight only” protocols.

Will the lifestyle coaching calls provide me with a detailed plan of “what to eat” and “when to eat,” in addition to a grocery shopping list of foods to eat?

Unfortunately, if this is the kind of program you are looking for, the “8 Week Imperfection Coaching Experience” may not be ideal for you. The lifestyle calls are about troubleshooting your fat loss goals, and working together to find solutions to your nutrition struggles. We discuss everything from “what is working” to “what not is working,” and how to go about unlocking (i.e. investigating) the best version of YOU.

I am not a tech savvy individual. How imperative is the closed Facebook group to my success in the 8 week program?

While we do emphasize the “POWER OF THE GROUP,” we also understand that some people work better individually and/or sans technology. This program is, essentially, a “DIY,” with the added benefit of high access coaching a group of women who are looking to leveling up together. These, of course, will not hinder your progress or success while on your lifestyle journey throughout the course of the 8 weeks. You will receive all the deliverables mentioned above; the only benefit to participating in the group is for additional coaching, support, tools, strategies, etc.

Should I expect to have made a complete lifestyle change by the end of the 8 weeks?

We strongly believe in going into any new task, project, program, etc., with an open mind…and without expectations. This is about embracing the journey and focusing on where you are RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW in your personal process. Everyone is different. We have seen all of our participants make positive strides, and each one of them have progressed at their own pace. This is EXACTLY what we want to see happen. No rush, no urgency; just working on YOU.