25 Days of Christmas #24: My Christmas Wish

By: Janine Serio

Happy Saturday…and Merry Christmas Eve! I would love to hear about some of your Christmas Eve & Christmas Day traditions! It’s always so fun to hear how everyone celebrates! 🙂 I am getting a little vulnerable with you today. I promise to keep today’s blog post both uplifting and genuinely heartfelt. I don’t want you thinking I am casting a dark cloud over what is supposed to be such a happy couple days – and time of year for that matter – but I am feeling compelled to share this (and feel it would be good for me too). Continue reading

25 Days of Christmas #19: “The 19th”

By: Janine Serio

The 19th. This “day,” in particular, has always had great significance in my life. Today’s post is more of a story for you. Kind of an evolution sort of speak. For some who read this, you may know why this day holds such a special place in my heart; and, for others, I am letting you in on a day that brings with it a lot of emotion.

To start, I was born on December 19th. I promise, this is not meant to be a birthday shout-out on my behalf! Yes, a close-to-Christmas baby and, in fact, I share this birthday with another family member and many celebrities too. See, I knew I had a piece of “Hollywood” in me somewhere! 😉 Continue reading

25 Days of Christmas #17: Sprinting Through The Snow…

By: Janine Serio

While there is no snow in Baltimore just yet (although there is a lot of ice today – yikes) there is something about “Sprinting” and “Snow” that has a nice ring to it (and in a little elf outfit too)! LOL! Yes, it is Saturday, and I, PROMISE, to keep today’s post short, sweet, and, you guessed it, filled with a whole lot of SPRINTS (and maybe a little sweat too)! Come on, it is the LEAST I could do! <3 Continue reading