The 7 Day Anti-Perfect Mindset Challenge




A FREE mindset challenge for women who want the “perfect” ANTI-PERFECT RESET & REFRESH to kick those post-Summertime blues. 

This challenge was created as a way to ACCEPT and EMBRACE where you are – right here, right now – in YOUR own process.

We get it; Summer is filled with less routine, vacations, barbecues, and a lot of FUN and LEISURE in between. We know how easy it is to get out of a routine and how hard it can be to get back into one.

This can be extremely frustrating, especially when we EXPECT to be able to pick right back up where we left off. Enter in the guilt, shame, and mentality of NOW needing to be super strict with our nutrition and exercise.

We now feel this need to be PERFECT.

This is the EXACT reason why we felt so strongly about creating this challenge! 

In order to get back to that place of CONSISTENCY, and to HONOR and RESPECT your body with where it is right now, you must FIRST change your mindset.

This is KEY when it comes to changing your physique, laying the foundation towards automating your nutrition, and, most importantly, living a sustainable, realistic lifestyle that works for YOU.

We want you to focus LESS on what you may not have done this Summer and MORE on where you are TODAY.

This challenge is NOT about starting an intense, 7 day meal plan, or having to live in the gym for hours on end to “make-up” for what you did not do these past 3 months.

THIS mindset is by no means “perfect;” it’s debilitating…and what keeps us struggling!

The intensity YOU will feel, though, during the 7 day challenge is going to come from a place of personal introspection. 

This is about digging deep, reflecting and being grateful for all that you have experienced, and recognizing that you are on a journey called LIFE.  

So, maybe THE BEST you could do this Summer was get in a couple leisurely walks throughout your week instead of your normal 3-4 days in the gym.

Maybe you found yourself gravitating towards the ice cream each night after dinner, which is SO out of your norm. 

These are the ebbs and flows in life…and all part of this wonderful journey.

Maybe you cherished those leisurely walks because they included your daughter/son who will be going to college in a few weeks.

Maybe the ice cream became a ritual because it meant all of your family came together and talked about their day. 

We want THIS mindset to be the driving force throughout the 7 day challenge.

The focus is on TODAY, and the next 365 days; NOT about what you did not do, or should have done, over the last few months

Besides, who said these were a “must” anyway? 😉


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  • These 7 challenges are designed to take your mindset from a place of needing to be “PERFECT” and “ON A PLAN” to see results, to one of trust, acceptance, consistency, and learning how to navigate “down the middle.”
  • NOTE: This challenge is only for women who want to challenge themselves, be committed to themselves, and to start practicing that ANTI-PERFECT mindset. 



  • The challenge starts August 29th for 7 DAYS!
  • On August 28th, you can expect an email from Janine with details on what will happen next!
  • WARNING: I am going to be challenging you for 7 days to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and to DIG DEEP. I only want people to join who are fully committed to getting out of their perfectionist mentality, and to embrace where they are on their journey. 
  • This is going to be an AMAZING experience; an experience that will be truly life changing IF you give yourself the permission to BE WHO YOU ARE, right here, right now!


  • Beyond being pulled out of your “all or nothing,” “need to be perfect to see results” comfort zone, you will have started the process of embracing your imperfections, and recognizing that they are by no means inadequacies, but stepping stones in your lifestyle journey.
  • You will have a new focus and emphasis on how to become more loving and compassionate with yourself.
  • You will have the tools and strategies, needed, to become more resilient towards those negative feelings of guilt and shame, and learn how to trust yourself, and accept your process, for where you are today.

Are you ready to let go of this idea of “perfectionism” and to begin the work of becoming YOURSELF – not who you THINK you should be?

Are you ready to stop feeling like what and how you accomplish “something” defines YOU?

Come on! We are all in this together and we want YOU to take the journey with us!

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