8 Week Imperfection Coaching Experience

What Is It?

The 2 Health Nuts “Imperfection Coaching Experience” is an 8 week lifestyle journey where you will learn to trust yourself around food, gain a new perspective on exercise, trust your process, and build the self-confidence to know you can handle anything!


We talk to a lot of women who find motivation and implementation to be extremely difficult, especially when they feel like they are in it all alone. It’s not about knowing what to do when it comes to fitness and nutrition, but more about being consistent with it!

This is KEY – less to do with knowing and everything to do with DOING!

WE set out to create a coaching program that was like NO OTHER! Most coaching programs focus on the WHAT to do instead of the HOW to do it. It is without a doubt that the most successful people are not the ones who know the most but who DO THE MOST!

We recognize the “POWER OF THE GROUP” is everything and that is EXACTLY why we created this coaching experience – to bring together an exclusive, small group of like minded women who are looking to elevate, together, and take their lifestyle game to the next level!

These 8 weeks are about making a strong commitment to yourself by honoring YOUR personal process and being OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES!

Because of this, we are keeping it super small and intimate, and are only OPENING IT UP TO 15 PARTICIPANTS. 

This is about pushing yourself to dig deep, learning to trust, listening to your body, and becoming your own lifestyle detective!

If you feel the same issues keep coming back up, you are not addressing them! We want you to OWN IT! We want you to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY & TAKE CARE OF THEM!

What’s Included?

The program includes:

  • FULL ACCESS to a closed Facebook group for on-going support, accountability, and all of your questions, comments, and concerns answered. THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC WILL HAPPEN!
  • Janine will be in the  Facebook group, daily, with insight, solutions, strategies, and much more!
  • 2, 4 Week Metabolic Conditioning Workouts with an attached schedule/guideline to follow. ALL workouts will be 30 minutes or less and will involve minimal to no equipment.
  • 2 Lifestyle Coaching Calls with Janine to help you troubleshoot your fat loss goals (i.e. “what’s working” and “what’s not working”), and work together to find solutions to your nutritional struggles.
  • Upon completion of the call, Janine will customize a nutrition strategy for you to implement over the course of the program.
  • Weekly Mindset Coaching Modules (8 total) that will help you implement, successfully!
  • On-Going Email Access for additional support, feedback, and questions.

With over 10 years in the health and wellness industry, we have challenged and empowered hundreds of women to become a better version of their current self!

After our extremely popular, “14 Day Imperfection Experiment,” we created this coaching experience as a way for more individualized coaching & customization, along with the continued focus and emphasis on cultivating a SUPER AWESOME women’s group!

Here is what some of our past 8 Week Imperfection Coaching Experience participants had to say:

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Who Is It For?

  • Someone who is fully committed and ready to step outside of their comfort zone when it comes to their fitness and nutrition!
  • Someone who is looking for a healthy, realistic, and sustainable lifestyle change…not a “quick fix!”
  • Someone who wants to change their mindset from a “more is better” to an all around “BETTER IS BETTER!”
  • Someone who wants total permission to eat the foods they want, without letting the food control them (and without shame/guilt), and being able to move on with their day.
  • Someone who wants to find solutions and strategies to making fitness more of a priority, and setting realistic goals to stick with it.

Who Is It NOT For?

  • Someone who is NOT fully ready to commit, and wants to continue to “do what they do,” even if it means they are not seeing results. This is about stepping forward into growth; not stepping back into safety.
  • Someone who wants a set meal plan, met with certain expectations. Sorry, this is about getting your mindset in check and to stop feeling like you are being held captive in an “all or nothing approach” to see results.
  • Someone who firmly believes that you need to do hours and hours of exercise every day for it to be “worth it” and to building the physique they have always wanted. This is going beyond getting the body you have always wanted; it’s about getting your life back!

What Can You Expect At The End of the 8 Weeks?

Beyond having been extended way outside of your comfort zone, you will have gained so much confidence, perspective, self-trust, and the ability to know you can handle ANYTHING! 

The commitment to yourself will be STRONGER THAN EVER, your relationship with food & exercise will feel less stressful and more automated, and you will have gained a powerful support group of women who are all in this together!

What Can You Expect From the “2 Health Nuts” & What We Expect From You?

Since this program is about honoring your own process, being open to possibilities, and showing complete vulnerability, we strongly encourage you to start getting comfortable with sharing, asking questions, introspecting, giving feedback, etc. This is about being a self-starter; it’s about being self-sufficient and OWNING IT! 

In addition to the coaching calls, mindset modules, and access to her by email, Janine will be in the closed, Facebook group, Monday-Friday, answering questions. If Janine does not hear from you, she will assume that you are off and running with the material and will come to her with questions as needed! Remember, there is no right or wrong; THIS IS ABOUT LEVELING UP!

What Can You Expect Upon Purchasing?

The 8 Week Imperfection Coaching Experience starts TUESDAY, JUNE 21st, 2016. Upon purchase, you will receive an email from Janine with all of the next steps, including:

  • When you will receive access to the closed, Facebook group.
  • When you will receive your 1st, 4 weeks of Metabolic Conditioning workouts.
  • How to set-up your Lifestyle Coaching Calls with Janine.
  • Any last minute additions or changes that have been made to the program.

This coaching program is worth thousands!

We took all of our best stuff from our individual coaching program and put it together for a fraction of the cost!! Remember, space is limited as WE ARE ONLY ACCPETING 15 PARTICIPANTS to keep it super small, exclusive, and intimate!

Please Note: Due to the nature of the program, there will be no refunds after purchasing.

Questions? Check out the FAQ page OR email janine@2healthnuts.net