The 3 Unconventional Approaches to Maximize Your Post-Workout Results!

By: Janine Serio

We have all heard it before; you know, that supposed “magical” post-workout time for maximum recovery. This is that 30-60 time frame when fast digesting carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats are a MUST to jump start the recovery and repair process. We also know that making sure we stretch all major muscle groups is key in improving flexibility and keeping us injury free, right? 

Sound familiar? Yes, it is ideal to consume a well-balanced meal post-workout and, BUT it needs to be what works for you. If you are not hungry within that 60 minutes, that’s cool; your workout will have not been a waist. If you need to eat something small immediate after, and than a larger meal an hour or two later, go for it! Remember, nutrition need not be complicated or “by the book.” These are your rules…and no one else’s! 

So, while I could write an additional 1000 words on making your nutrition work for YOU and YOUR GOALS, today I wanted to share with you 3 ADDITIONAL ways to maximize your post-workout results that may seem a little unconventional but are HIGHLY effective!

Did you know that magnesium is used in just about EVERYTHING your body does to effectively exercise and build muscle? Yes, this includes such things as  protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, and energy production? I know, getting a little science-y here! 
It is a known fact that, during exercise, we lose magnesium as we sweat. This is why it is super important to eat foods high in magnesium, post workout,  to replenish, repair, and calm your muscles as quickly as possible! 
So, what foods are your best bet for getting the BIGGEST dose of magnesium? Here are some of my favorites (but, definitely, not an exhaustive list):
– Dark, leafy greens…think spinch and kale
– Milk…don’t be araid of full fat
– Bananas…yellow with a green tip are the best
– Nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashews, and sesame…raw and unsalted are PERFECT
– Healthy fats coming from salmon and avocado…did you know that an avocado is, actually, a fruit?

If I could get one every day I know I would…LOL! There is nothing like a deep tissue massage to speed up the recovery process since it aids in working out the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles. This is, especially, the case after an intense sweat sesh! Yes, there is nothing glamorous about working out the lactic acid – yikes, can we say “sweet discomfort” – but the relief afterwards makes it that much SWEETER! 

If you are looking to get the benefits of massage on a daily basis, grab a foam roller for instant, daily, fascia relief! While this is more widely used (and not super unconventional) it is, definitely, underrated! Plus, LOOK at this fun color that is sitting in my home gym. 
How do you ZONE OUT? Meditation is a great way, along with sleep, watching a movie, taking a bath, painting, reading, etc., to help you to DE-STRESS! Fact: When we couple the stress we put on our body during a workout (i.e. acute stress) with that of our daily stressors (i.e. chronic stress), we are taxing our bodies BIG TIME. Just think about how much we are asking our body to work!?  In our ability to see results from our efforts, push past plateaus, and stay injury free, it is extremely important we keep stress levels at bay. Any form of stress is going to lessen our body’s ability to make consistent gains…and that just seems like such a damn shame, right?
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