Sometimes I Feel Like Giving Up, Then I Remember…

By: Janine Serio

Yes, I know, I totally went there BUT, you know, this is my current status…and by current status I mean as of the time I pushed publish less than 30 minutes ago (this is if you are reading it prior to 12:00 pm today on March 29th). Ha! 

What can I say – I AM IN A HUGE FUNK. I am giving new meaning to the term “WTF.”

Personally, professionally, and everything else in between. I can’t seem to get out of my own way with what has transpired in my personal life; I fantasize, I long for “what was,” I am incredibly hurt, angry, question any and all of the relationships that I have ever had, including family, friends, and even colleagues. 

Professionally,  I feel completely stuck as well – creatively, vision-wise, monetarily, keeping the passion for my craft alive, and on, and on. I will be honest, I even struggled as to what I was going to write for this week’s blog post. 

Nope, not feeling the whole “look at my workout this week” OR “let me show you my TOP 3 exercises to create the biggest metabolic disturbance.” If I want to view that, I can simply scroll through my Facebook News Feed. 

While I have been really into recipes lately, I feel like I have overloaded my other social media platforms with all of THAT. Speaking of which, make sure to check out the 2 Health Nuts Facebook and Instagram feeds to see what has been going down in my kitchen as of late!

Mindset, well, I have been REALLY heavy with that throughout Social Media, especially within my close knit “Inner Circle.” If you are not already on the list, make sure you get on it TODAY. You can do so HERE.

Instead, I decided to get some inspiration from my past writings, right here on the 2 Health Nuts blog. And, wouldn’t you know, I found exactly what I was looking for, and a perfect compliment to what I posted at the start (“I have a lot of motherfuckers to prove wrong”). Mind you, no one has said anything to me, or made me feel that I have no business being in this business, but it;s more of my overall state of mind. 

So, I had to hear it from the “1002” time…

Back in September, I had the opportunity to attend one of my mentor’s in the industry, Jill Coleman’s, 2-Day Business Retreat in beautiful Asheville, NC. You may have remember hearing me talk about my apprehension for attending. Frankly, I had even thought about not going at the last minute. While I feel like I am the furthest person you will ever meet from being all “woo woo,” I do know there was a reason WHY my heart (and gut) told me to keep my travel as planned. Again, if you have been following my work, you know I go A LOT with my gut as of late.
You know what that say, you may read (or be told) something 1000 times and it’s not until “1001” (and in today’s case, “1002”) that it ACTUALLY clicks. On Day 1 of the retreat, Jill presented on the topic of personal branding, and what is needed to deliver IT at a high level. 

Beyond sharing your expertise, communicating your message, being extremely vulnerable, and prolific AS FUCK, it comes down to MINDSET. Okay, so maybe I am staying with my whole “mindset” theme, lol!

“Building an online business will bring you face to face with all of your fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs” {Jill Coleman}. 

THIS, right here, is why I was so hesitant about attending…and it was clearer than ever. 

My mindset was not in check. And, to this very day, I am STILL struggling with this! 

Jill described 2 types of failure expectations:

  1. The person who thinks things should ALWAYS be great and, when a road block occurs, they totally crumble.
  2. The person who knows there are going to be ebbs and flows, and has learned to become resilient. 

This is going to come as nothing new but, for so long, I have been attaching my emotions with the outcomes of what is happening both personally and professionally. This is EXACT opposite of what  a success and growth mindset is all about, and the exact opposite of how I coach and educate clients.

Why is it so EASY for me to coach individuals on allowing their failures to be viewed as feedback, yet, I find myself constantly questioning EVERY SINGLE setback I have?

Why am I still feeling like a victim? 

“What if I mess up and I don’t deliver what is promised?” “Will I be ridiculed or not be taken seriously anymore?”

“Will people NOT want to work with me because they think I am a HOT MESS?” “Will I be taken as a phony who is ONLY sharing what I think people want to hear?” 

“Will I ever feel that it is OKAY to take as long as I need to work through my process because that is EXACTLY the advice and coaching I give my clients?”

Committing myself to a daily practice of trusting myself and my process IS something I can do on the immediate. I need to keep telling myself, everyday, that I have strategies and solutions to help people. I have stories that clients – and future clients – can follow and resonate with. No one is in this alone! I am doing a HUGE disservice by NOT sharing my message, thoughts, beliefs, etc., because I have a fear of how it will be perceived.  What is the WORST thing that could happen IF something does not go as planned?

Most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP, regardless of how uncomfortable or painful it may feel. It’s through these times where you grow and learn and, hell, you may even embark on a journey that you never thought was possible. If only my (now) ex-husband decided to not “throw in the towel” when things got rocky, who knows how different my life would be. Sure, it may have been inevitable BUT isn’t it always better knowing that you did everything possible instead of taking the EASY way out?  

When the going gets rough, whether it is personally, professionally, or as “simple” as trying to get a handle on this whole ” lifestyle” thing, just remember to never give up. Yes, it may not always work out as you had hoped but you gave it your best.

And the BEST is all you can ask yourself to do every single day! Plus, you have a lot of motherfuckers to prove wrong, right?


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