The “F” Word…and The TOP 3 Products Trending In My Kitchen RIGHT NOW!

By: Janine Serio

Just in case you have not heard – FAT is PHAT and, today on the blog, I am going to keep reminding you of THAT! Ha! Sorry, couldn’t help myself but it is the total truth! It’s crazy to think how full circle we have come in our mindset – mine included – when it comes to the importance of consuming healthy fats on a daily basis. While they are more nutrient dense, which means they are higher in calories, they provide a host of benefits and should not be viewed as “bad” or on your “do not eat list.”

Remember, food should not be viewed as “good or bad;” it should be viewed as fuel, how it makes you feel, perform, and how it moves you closer towards your wellness goals. Plus, in an effort to be “healthier,” and consuming items that are “low-fat” or “fat-free,” manufacturers are, actually, replacing the fat with sugar. 

Hmm, doesn’t sound like a good trade off or even a HEALTHIER solution, right? I can guarantee the satisfaction factor is not as satisfying either! 

So, what are the benefits?

  • Aids in keeping your metabolism and digestion in check, as well as in joint lubrication. 
  • Helps to produce and regulate hormones, and is beneficial in vitamin absorption.
  • Keeps satisfaction level high!

In keeping with the F-WORD talk, here are the TOP 3 products that are trending in my kitchen now and, guess what, they are as FAT as you can get – and downright awesome too! 

MAYO!? I know, really? Honestly, I never grew up being into mayo as my “go-to” condiment. I was more of a ketchup or mustard gal; BUT, I did love a really good chicken, tuna, or egg salad when I had the opportunity. Speaking of which, here is a recent picture of one of my FAVORITE chicken salad recipes with broccoli & cherry tomatoes:

Over the years, though, I kind of got out of the habit of making. On one hand, mayo was constantly getting a bad “rap” (now I look back and laugh since I was going by someone else’s rules/beliefs) and a lot of the products on the market were filled with nothing but junk in their ingredients. Sure, I could have just made it from scratch but I didn’t love it THAT MUCH to take the time to do it!

I was SUPER PUMPED when, FINALLY, the nutrition gods came out with 2 brands that are not only clean, fat-loss friendly, and, if you are Paleo, totally compliant (at least, one of the brands), but they taste delicious too!! My favorites include Primal Kitchenthey have a handful of varieties – and Sir Kensington’sthey have an assortment to choose from as well!

Can I tell you how much I have been enjoying my chicken and tuna salad again?! It totally beats it being bland, dry, and downright boring – THAT’S FOR SURE!

BEEF TALLOW! Ooooh, I am totally smitten with this cooking fat from the Epic Brand collection. I, now, rotate between THIS, Ghee, and coconut oil for all my cooking needs. As their slogan goes, “Eat Wild, Live Wild!” Animal fat is back – and PHAT – and totally trending! Their line of oils, including pork lard (oh, yes), duck fat, and bison tallow, are “trusted, pure, and stable options.” What’s funny is how we have gone from this being a staple cooking oil in generations past, to then it being viewed as BAD, and, now, we have come full circle to it being extremely popular and touted as a “go-to” in our diets. Side Note: I think most people hear the word “lard” and automatically think of “Crisco.” The lard I am talking about here is definitely NOT the same thing (trust me)! This is as pure as you can get! 

How do I use it? I use it as a replacement or substitute for my other oils, especially when it comes to pan sauteing, frying, and even roasting! There is no “right or wrong” as to how you use; remember, it is all about your likes and preferences…because you should like how you eat and cook!

Kerrygold Irish Butter! Yup, that’s right – BUTTER. Another one of those so-called “bad” foods that we have been told for years now that we should stay away from. This could not be further from the truth! Now, I understand if you have a sensitivity or allergy to dairy, BUT, most people can tolerate clarified butter (Ghee) or pure, pasteurized butter in its natural state quite well. Again, I am generalizing. Some of the amazing benefits of butter include a high amount of Omega 3’s and Vitamin K 2 – two properties omitted in MOST conventional butters, hence why looking for ones that are “pasteurized” are key!

Are you ready to get your FAT on? And they say the F WORD is offensive!? 🙂 

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