“That’s Right! Focus on You!”

By: Janine Serio

Yes, those are the simple, wise words that came through my phone via text message this week from my #1 fan – my Mom. These are the exact words I needed on a day when I felt as though nothing was going my way.

These are the exact words that remind me that everything is going to be okay…and work out the way it was intended. I am hoping that, as you are reading this, you can resonate on some level.

Have you ever gone through a time in your life when you feel as though you are trying to fit a “square peg into a circular hole?” I mean, everything you feel you are trying to do, and working so hard towards doing, just seems to come up short – personally, professionally, emotionally, etc. The list of all the things you WANT to do and achieve seems like it is going no where because you feel “stuck.”

What about that feeling, deep in your gut, that is telling you a change needs to happen – not just NEED but MUST – in order to grow, be happy, and fully experience life once again.

Don’t you want to find that purpose again, and ignite that spark and drive that used to feel so fulfilling?!

Don’t you want to feel that sigh of relief that says I don’t have to put on a front anymore, all while asking yourself WHO was making you put on a front anyway?

I can laugh, cry, be sad, or whatever because, guess what, THIS IS REAL LIFE. THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH. This is my journey and my story. It’s raw, authentic, and by no means perfect.

Maybe I need to take a piece of my own advice, just as I have written in this post today. If you are feeling this way, please know that I TOTALLY GET IT!

This is temporary. This is a minor “ebb.” I know it feels uncomfortable – ugh, so uncomfortable – but the positive you can gain is that you are diving right in. You are figuring this shit out so you can learn from it. Recognizing where you are in YOUR process, and being honest with yourself about what you really want in life, is the 1st step in working on you.

Give yourself permission to, FINALLY, take that mask off. Show your soul. Be true to YOU. 

YOU will thank YOU for it! <3 Here’s to trusting your process!


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