3 “Quick Fixes” To Implement In Your Otherwise “Healthy” Nutrition Plan

By: Janine Serio

As a personal trainer and health coach, I talk to so many people who either want to “confess” and share what they eat on a daily basis OR I get the “what should I be eating,” “what are your thoughts on this x, y, z diet,” “why am I not seeing results,” etc.  As my philosophy on nutrition, and eating for optimal health, has changed over the last decade,  I have noticed this consistent trend –> so many of us THINK we are eating healthy when, in fact, we have been a little misinformed.  Continue reading

The “F” Word…and The TOP 3 Products Trending In My Kitchen RIGHT NOW!

By: Janine Serio

Just in case you have not heard – FAT is PHAT and, today on the blog, I am going to keep reminding you of THAT! Ha! Sorry, couldn’t help myself but it is the total truth! It’s crazy to think how full circle we have come in our mindset – mine included – when it comes to the importance of consuming healthy fats on a daily basis. While they are more nutrient dense, which means they are higher in calories, they provide a host of benefits and should not be viewed as “bad” or on your “do not eat list.”
Continue reading

But, Seriously, What Does It Mean To Make a “Lifestyle Change?”

And the 3 actions I want you to start implementing TODAY! 

By: Janine Serio

THIS was the very question that was on the hot seat during one of my corporate coaching calls yesterday. Not only is this a pretty broad topic BUT it is one that can be confusing at times as well. While not an all-inclusive list, lifestyle change can be broken down into MANY areas – fitness, nutrition, stress management, mindset, financial, spiritual, emotional, etc. While most of the coaching you see from myself and the “2 Health Nuts” is geared towards lifestyle change from a health and wellness standpoint, the tools and strategies that I share each week, here, and on our other social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) can EASILY be implemented in all areas of your life. Continue reading