How Being a “Fixer Upper” Totally Resonated With Me!

By: Janine Serio

As I waited for an appointment to start this past weekend, I had a moment to “chill” and catch up on some of the latest gossip mags. Who doesn’t love a good US Weekly from time to time? When nothing seemed to be THAT intriguing to keep my attention, I found myself pining for the new “Magnolia Journal” by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Yes, fitness and lifestyle guru meets “fixer upper!” 

Here’s a quick side note – when I am not immersed in all things fitness, fat loss, mindset, WINE, retail therapy, and traveling, I do LOVE to decorate! Yes, that’s me, jack of all trades! Ha! 🙂

While I do not religiously follow Chip and Joanna’s show, I totally admire and respect what they have created and how they continue to evolve. They have, truly, built an empire from the ground up. As I was flipping through the pages, I came across an article that Joanna wrote which had me captivated.

I felt I had given her the script to write this very piece because I could resonate with it THAT MUCH! I don’t know what it is but there is something really comforting to know that someone else feels the exact same way as you do, or has had the same kinds of experiences.

“Every season is my favorite at the start but, by midway through, I am ready for the next best thing…just as I can get into the unfolding of nature’s seasons, I feel much the same way about the seasons of life. I need to remind myself in July to savor the Summer instead of pining for autumn. I also need to remind myself to relish this stage of life I find myself in. 

Right now is a really busy time – one with few naps and lots of projects and schedules. It would be easy for me to focus on what’s lacking. Instead, I continue to move my heart toward contentedness and gratitude for what this day and time hold. 

My life will never look this way again. If I look ahead or behind, I am gonna miss what is intended for me in the here and now. In a flash, these fast-paced days that are both exhilarating an exhausting might be gone. If I don’t appreciate this for what it is today, I may not have the opportunity again.

This may not be your favorite time of year or your favorite stage of life. You may be dreaming of your next season already. Remember to fight that urge. There’s a certain richness in today that may never be around again. A year from  now, the landscape of life may look different. Choose to enjoy the little things. Choose to enjoy the loud times or even the sometimes too quiet times. 

Take a few moments to appreciate where we are, just as we are” {Joanna Gaines}.

As Napoleon Hill once said, “patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success”…and I could not agree more. As Joanna reminded me (yes, I, too, need those mindset checks at times), I need to – we all need to – fight the urge to be at a different place in our life, even if we are feeling stuck, stagnant, or, possibly, struggling.

I am not saying that we want to stay here FOREVER (because no one wants to feel this way all the time) but it’s through these “ebbs” in life that we grow, level up, and meet these experiences with gratitude and authenticity.

This is what life is all about.

In our minds we want to jump to the next “thing” because we THINK that it will look a lot prettier, or that we will feel a lot better. We ALL know what happens when we do this – I, guarantee, on some level, we have been there and done that…and end up feeling that we are right back at the starting line.

Let’s change this perspective.

When we feel like NOTHING IS HAPPENING, or going “right,” let’s be patient.

When life throws us curve balls, and we are presented with obstacles, let’s continue to grind it out and stay persistent. 

In our quest to reach the highest version of ourselves, putting in that sweat equity, day after day, will make our successes feel that much sweeter. 

As we continue our quest of being PERFECTLY, IMPERFECT “fixer uppers,” let’s remind ourselves that we need to appreciate where we are in our current process, just as we are. Let’s take this picture I am showcasing. I have gone from personal trainer and group fitness instructor, to online blogger and ‘IT guru.” While not quite the IT nerd, I feel like this is the exact spot I have sat in for the past 7 days. Yes, this is out of my comfort zone and, no, I don’t want to spend hours a day, for weeks on end, in this very “spot,” but I know that I am taking the very steps, needed, to create the LIFESTYLE and BRAND I am so passionate about living and sharing. 

This is temporary. And, just as Joanna Gaines reminds me (and us), “there is a certain richness in today that will never be around again.”


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