The #AntiNewYearsResolution Workout(s), Part 3

By: Janine Serio

It’s WORKOUT WEDNESDAY, and time to share my 3rd workout in the 3-part series I have been showcasing over the last couple weeks! As part of my #AntiNewYearsResolutions mantra, I have been sharing my go-to workouts that are helping me get back into a routine, a little more consistent, and by no means BORED.

The best part? They are only 10 MINUTES in length! Seriously, we can, TOTALLY, do anything for ten minutes, right? Plus, it is a PERFECT amount of time to get an AWESOME, and EFFICIENT, workout that will keep you compliant, excited to actually try (and do), and hungry for more!

My favorite  reason – you may, actually, be able keep to your fitness “resolutions” (and enjoy the process too)

If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, no worries – you are by no means behind! Take a peek HERE and HERE for the 1st, 2 workouts, and a little more information on WHY #10minutesgetsitdone! 

For our 3rd workout, I am bringing back the weights – whoop, whoop! As with any of the workouts I share, please take every measure to make these workouts safe for YOU. A proper warm-up of cardiovascular and/or dynamic stretching is a must, followed by a full body static stretch of all major muscle groups post-workout. 

Thoughts, comments, and feedback would be awesome!


P.S. If you want to see this workout in action, make sure to check out the 2 Health Nuts Instagram feed! 

The 10 Minute Beat The Winter Blues THROW-DOWN

2 rounds; 1 minute per exercise



Dumbbell Push-Up with Alternating Row (Moderate Weight)

Dumbbell Full Sit-Up with Tap (Light to Moderate Weight)

Dumbbell Russian Twist (Light to Moderate Weight)

Dumbbell Squat + Shoulder Press (Moderate Weight)

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge + Front to Lateral Raise (Moderate; pick weight for “weakest” link)

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