The #AntiNewYearsResolution Workout(s), Part 1

By: Janine Serio

Happy Wednesday…and by that I mean WORKOUT WEDNESDAY! 🙂 Now that the Holiday craziness has come and gone – I must admit I am a little sad – it is really nice to get back into “somewhat” of a routine. With that being said, I have felt a little guilty for not being as “on point” with showcasing my weekly workouts. So, I want to make it up to you! 

In keeping with my #AntiNewYearsResolutions, I thought this was the PERFECT way to share a 3-part workout series because it totally goes against everything we think we SHOULD be doing! Over these next 3 weeks, I am going to be sharing my go-to workouts as of late AND, let me just say, they are as “simple” as they sound – 10 MINUTES ONLY!! Ha!

What you may NOT know is that it is a PERFECT amount of time to get an AWESOME, and EFFICIENT, workout that will keep you compliant, by no means bored, and hungry for more! What’s even better is that you won’t be spending your whole day in the gym, or dreading your workout for that matter…and can, possibly, keep to those so called “resolutions?!”

TEN minutes, coupled with the appropriate intensity to meet your current fitness level will have you questioning why you ever thought a 60+ minute workout was the only way to see results! Speaking of which, here is a quick note (okay, maybe not quick, but informative) on what it means to go INTENSE:

While ALWAYS keeping excellent form, you should be forced to rest. You should get to that point of feeling breathless; your muscles should be feeling super heavy, and should be producing that “deep burn.” Oh, and did I mention you should be super sweaty?!

Research shows that high intensity training, coupled with shorter and more precise, focused workouts, will result in a greater amount of fat burned. Some researchers have even concluded that intense, physical activity, past 30 minutes, is doing nothing more than putting more wear and tear on your body.

Okay, now think about THIS –> If I were to ask you to go ALL OUT for 60 minutes straight, what are the odds you could complete, with good form and intensity, and still feel successful? Besides feeling totally defeated, most likely, you would quit before you even started, right? 

What if I asked you to do THIS instead? –> Go ALL OUT for an under 30 minute workout (in this case, only 10 minutes)! Sure, you may need to rest here and there – that is encouraged – but doesn’t it feel much more doable? Ideally, you would be able to push harder and with more intensity! The quality of your workouts increase, your metabolic disturbance skyrockets, and your fat burning capability lasts for days after your workout. A win-win, huh?!

For my avid fitness enthusiasts, I am TOTALLY taking you out of your comfort zone (because #comfortzonesucks anyway). While this may feel extremely uncomfortable to get out of your normal routine, I strongly encourage you to give it a try, especially if you feel you are not achieving the desired results from all the work you put in at the gym!

TRUST me, you will not be disappointed!

As with any of the workouts I share, please take every measure to make these workouts safe and effective for YOU. A proper warm-up of cardiovascular and/or dynamic stretching is a must, followed by a full body static stretch of all major muscle groups post-workout. 

Let me know if you try and what you think! P.S. This work need not be done outside…just wanted to give you the full January effect. I think I am, still, thawing out! 😉


P.S.S. If you want to see this workout in action, make sure to check out the 2 Health Nuts Instagram feed! 

The Puffy Jacket jumpstart 

How many rounds can you achieve in 10 minutes?

10 Bulgarian (or Stationary) Lunges, Right & Left; *feel free to add a jump for more intensity

8 DB Bent Over Rows (HEAVY weight)

6 Speed Skaters or Curtsy Lunges, Right & Left

4 DB Burpee + Push-Up + Curl & Press (MODERATE weight)

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