It’s One Week Into The New Year…Now What?

By: Janine Serio

Do you find yourself asking this very question…NOW WHAT? It’s a New Year, and that meant a total 360 degrees with our health and wellness! I mean, we were going to be up and at the gym by 5:30 am, working out 4-5 days per week AND, our nutrition, well, bring on the egg whites, oatmeal, grilled chicken, bland vegetables, and protein shakes.

So, now, one week into the New Year and let’s do a little “check-in” with said resolutions. Well, we have seen the gym one time since 5:30 am is really not an idea time BUT it seemed to make the “most sense.” As for how we have been eating…hmm. Started January 1st off strong with a bowl of piping hot oats and an egg white omelet, yet could not stomach the idea of bland protein and veggies for lunch and dinner because “I ate healthy at breakfast.” Can we just have a juicy cheeseburger and French fries?

Okay, maybe this does not fit you to a “T,” but can you relate to some degree? Why is it that just because it’s January, we feel this urgency to go into overhaul mode? I mean, does it really have to be all or nothing? Why is it that this month had become notorious for this “idea” that, all the sudden, we need to become super strict & regimented with our nutrition and workouts because, “OMG, I, totally, went overboard last month!” Don’t you just cringe when you see THIS word…

Here is my little confession – I am TOTALLY AGAINST New Year’s Resolutions, especially when it comes to those that are centered around health and wellness. Yes, it’s trueI know!

Believe me, I totally get that the Holiday’s are a time of year when schedules are super busy (not as much “me” time), stress levels are high, there are lots of parties to attend, and, sure, eating habits become a little disjointed. What’s interesting, though, is I am sure there are many OTHER times of the year when you feel this EXACT way, yet, the “urgency” feels a little different – i.e. post-Vacation, Summer, etc.

In these times of HIGH STRESS, we tend turn to “quick fixes,” “fad diets,” and (unrealistic) workout schedules as a way to help us feel back in CONTROL. What’s interesting, here, is in order to let go of this “all or nothing” mindset, we need to learn to TRUST. Remember, TRUST is the very opposite of CONTROL!

My goal for you this year is to practice the daily mantra of “consistency ALWAYS trumping PERFECTION.” It’s just THAT simple. This is a lifestyle that I want you to start getting comfortable with. This is a mindset that I am going to help you hone in on, and evolve, over these next 12 months (really, forever), so you never have to feel you are back at the starting line, regardless of it being January 1st, post-vacation, Summer, or whenever!

Here is something I DO want you to know…what I am TOTALLY for is creating a lifestyle that is not only sustainable, attainable, and, of course, realistic, but also one that can be done FOREVER and ON YOUR TERMS.

When we try to overhaul all areas of our lifestyle “equation” at once, we miss out on one key component – the investigative process. It’s about learning from our experiences, taking note of “what works” and “what doesn’t work,” and writing our own rules.

When we start doing the hard work – yes, it is hard work – of looking inward, and figuring out what truly works for our personal goals, likes, and preferences, we start to feel more in our power. When we stop being controlled by what the latest magazine article says we “should do,” what worked for a friend or co-worker, and even cease the vicious cycle of “deprive, then binge,” we can open our eyes to a life we have been missing out on. You can have it all; it’s just a matter of zooming out the lens and looking at the bigger picture.

This is what the trust factor is all about, and how consistency over time will be your game changer!

When we give ourselves full permission to figure it out as we go, never allowing ourselves to be “on” or “off” a plan, and finding that sweet spot of “navigating down the middle,” we can, truly, start to embrace what it feels like to live the life we have always wanted – stress and guilt free!

This is a practice, and a process, and one that is not going to happen overnight, in a week, in two weeks, or in a month. This is a process that is on-going; one that will have ebbs and flows, highs and lows, and constantly keep you in a mindset of awareness, abundance, and fulfillment. There is absolutely no rush or urgency to “get it right.”

Honestly, the “right way” is the way that works for YOU and only YOU.

Cheers to an AMAZING year!


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