25 Days of Christmas #23: Are You Dreaming of a Veuve & Schramsberg Christmas?

By: Janine Serio

If you happened to catch Day 4’s “Poppin’ Bottles In The Ice” blog post, I shared with you one of my favorite (and festive) “champagne’s” (yes, I know, sparkling wine) this Holiday season.

I would be, totally, re-missed if I didn’t give a LOT of praise and lovin’ to two bottles that are my absolute go-to’s all year around! And, yes, one is ACTUALLY champagne.

Are you dreaming of a Veuve & Schramsberg Christmas as much as I am???

Sure, while their price points are a little steeper than some, the taste is SO WORTH IT! In fact, I had the opportunity to tour  the sparkling wine process at Schramsberg during my recent trip to Napa. Here is some FUN “homework” for you…If you are not familiar with the term “riddling,” definitely google it. Talk about an impressive process that Schramsberg touts, and one of the only wineries that still does it by hand!

So, whether it is for a special occasion, a Holiday, or just a random weekday night, pull out your best champagne glasses, your cutest cocktail napkins, “pop” it like its hot, and cheers to liking what you drink! 🙂 

Because, everything in  moderation…and it’s all about staying classy!



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