25 Days of Christmas #22: Have Yourself a Merry Little Mayo! :)

By: Janine Serio

And maybe some REALLY yummy (and CLEAN) salad dressing too! 🙂

But, before I share ‘da goods, in honor of today’s blog title, did you check out yesterday’s “Have Yourself a Merry LITTLE Workout?” If so, let me know what you thought! If you have not had a chance to check it out (or try), make sure to do so HERE!

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite FOODIE products on the market right now! Yes, that’s right, it’s complete with HEALTHY mayo, CLEAN salad dressings, cooking oils, GRASS-FED COLLAGEN protein bars, protein powder, and so much more! Did I mention books, certifications, and supplements too?

Enter Primal Blueprint’s Primal Kitchen! 

Since I believe in the Primal Blueprint wholheartedly, and why their products are MUST in my refrigerator and pantry, I have shared the EXACT mission statement from the the Primal Blueprint website (which can be found HERE) for you to see – and read – for yourself! 

The Primal Blueprint helps you discover how amazingly simple and fun lifelong wellness can be. We provide a complete diet, exercise and lifestyle philosophy, along with various products, services and community support, to help you enjoy effortless weight loss, vibrant health and boundless energy. The Primal Blueprint is based on lifestyle principles that have governed human health, evolution and peak performance for over two million years, and is supported by respected research in the fields of epigenetics and evolutionary biology. The Primal Blueprint principles challenge many elements of conventional wisdom that, while well intentioned, are deeply flawed and are making people fat, sick and burnt out.

Primal Blueprint Founder, Mark Sisson, has spent the last several decades on a quest for health, wellness and truth in a world littered with flawed conventional wisdom. In 2009, he published his bestseller, The Primal Blueprint, launching the organization into a full-service diet, exercise and health education operation.  

The Primal Blueprint changes lives; it gives you hope if you’ve been discouraged, and it makes health—even weight loss—effortless and enjoyable. If you’re ready to make a change in your life, please join us! We’d love to be your partner, your coach and your biggest supporter on your journey to optimal wellness.

Okay, I know I have been saying this with so many of my favorite things but, SERIOUSLY, what are you waiting for?! Check out their website HERE and get your hands on these AMAZING products today! 

Are you ready to consume tuna and chicken salad (not to mention deviled eggs) without the guilt and ill feeling post consuming? This was totally me until a few months ago!

Are you ready to have your salads not be BORING and, actually, partake in using salad dressing? And, boy, you know how much I love my salads!

Are you ready to say goodbye to protein bars that are comprised of nothing but junk, and make you feel blah, bloated, and totally unsatisfied? Between Primal Kitchen, Papa Steve’s, and RxBars, I will never have that gross “chemical feeling” – not that I know what that feels like – or aftertaste of chemically engineered sweeteners ever again!

I promise, once you try their products you will be a total believer…and maybe even have the items on a monthly auto-ship. Ha!

Bon appetite (and get your MAYO on TODAY)!


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