25 Days of Christmas #21: And Have A Cup Of Cheer…

By: Janine Serio

plus a FREE workout too! Hello, it’s Wednesday, and that can ONLY mean one thing – “ahh, we workout!” Insert lyrics to the song “I’m Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. Gosh, that takes me back to when I was teaching a million boot camps in one day and THEN going out for a 10-12 mile marathon training run. 

Because working out for hours on end was so “IN,” and it was the only way to obtain your desired physique! Wow, now THAT is comical! Meanwhile, the carbohydrates could not go down quick enough and the pants seemed to get tighter and tighter! 

I know, I am digressing…back to what is really needed right now! That CUP OF CHEER! An absolute must this morning! Today has me feeling like I had WAY TOO MANY “cups of cheer” last evening. It must have been the intense binge watching of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…and my H2O cocktail! 😉

Seriously, are you surprised I have not showcased THIS red beauty yet? It’s funny, I feel like you are either on “Team Starbucks” or “Team Anything But Starbucks.” It’s cool; everyone has their own opinions and preferences. I think there is a certain level of trendiness that comes with holding an almost $3.00 cup of coffee. Some people may think otherwise – ha!

Whether you opt for a tall, grande, or veinte, blonde, pike, Tazo, latte, mocha, or dare I say frappuccino (because moderation), like what you drink (even if that means being on “Team Anything But Starbucks”). 


So, what’s in my cup? I am a blonde roast with a splash of cream kind of gal! 🙂 

You know what I like even better about my morning pick me up? It’s my morning pre-workout fuel too! Again, exactly what I needed today to get me through THIS doozy of a workout I sharing with you. As always, it’s another under 30 minute workout – actually, only 15 minutes – so you can be in, out, and on to your next cup of Joe! 

Make sure to “warm-it-up” with a combination of cardiovascular/dynamic stretching, and properly cool-down with a full body static stretch! Stay safe & have fun!


Have Yourself a Merry LITTLE Workout!

*You will need a set of moderate and heavy dumbbells for this workout protocol! Your ultimate goal is for it to take you 15 minutes or less! 

Start with 10 reps, and decrease by 2 reps every round (10, 8, 6, 4, 2). You have 5 rounds total, resting as needed! 

DB Squat + Shoulder Press: HEAVY WEIGHT (12-25 lbs.)

DB Reverse Lunges (Per Side): HEAVY WEIGHT (15-30 lbs.); feel free to lunge off a step for more of a challenge and glute/quad focus!

DB Full Sit-Up With Tap: MODERATE WEIGHT (12-25 lbs.)

DB Push-Up with Row (Rows Per Side): MODERATE WEIGHT (12-25 lbs.)

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