25 Days of Christmas #20: Baking In A Box

By: Janine Serio

I really, really wish I got the baking gene. Yes, I like to cook BUT baking takes on a whole new element. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a huge sweet tooth (is it weird I crave protein bars to get my sweet fix) and, when I do, it is, usually for a TCBY fro-yo with M&M ‘s on top! 

How hard is THAT? You simply walk in the store, pull the lever for said flavor, add your toppings, and, voila, you are GOLDEN (yes, golden vanilla is my favorite flavor). 

While I have posted my “from scratch” banana breads, I am, also, all about the convenience factor too, especially during this time of year. I know, it kind of seems like an oxymoron since this is the time of year where baking seems to be the most prevalent! 

Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when I came across THIS awesome brand –> Simple Mills! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them! Just as their slogan states, their products are “simple, healthy, and delicious!” One of the cleanest (and healthiest) BOXED mixes on the market, this makes baking FUN, EASY, and DELICIOUS! Plus, you can, actually, pronounce all of the 7-8 “simple” ingredients. 

Currently trending in my cabinet is the pumpkin variety (totally stocked up at Thrive market pre-Holiday season).

While I have only tried a handful of the muffin mixes, I have family members, friends, and clients who have tried the company’s other products, with each person giving them the “thumbs up!”

So, in case you were wondering if there was a solution to healthy, fat-loss friendly baking that came from an actual box, then YES! I know it was a dream come true for me…what are you waiting for? 🙂 

In fact, these muffins will be made on Christmas Eve for a yummy Christmas Day breakfast! No mess, and no fuss, yet will, totally, taste homemade! Check out Simple Mills, TODAY, and let me know if you try (and what you try too)! 


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