25 Days of Christmas #19: “The 19th”

By: Janine Serio

The 19th. This “day,” in particular, has always had great significance in my life. Today’s post is more of a story for you. Kind of an evolution sort of speak. For some who read this, you may know why this day holds such a special place in my heart; and, for others, I am letting you in on a day that brings with it a lot of emotion.

To start, I was born on December 19th. I promise, this is not meant to be a birthday shout-out on my behalf! Yes, a close-to-Christmas baby and, in fact, I share this birthday with another family member and many celebrities too. See, I knew I had a piece of “Hollywood” in me somewhere! 😉

I remember thinking HOW COOL it was when my sister, the close-to-Thanksgiving baby, was born on November 19th almost 7 years (6 years and 11 months to be exact) later. I mean, we both are Holiday babies and its pretty awesome that we share the same day. 

When I was planning my Wedding, I had always dreamed of getting married in September. I remember, jokingly, saying it would be a sign if the 19th fell on a Saturday. 

The 3rd Saturday of September in 2009 was the 19thmy stars were aligning.

In fact, this was the only Saturday that month that was absolutely beautiful. Sunny, blue skies, and 75 degrees. It was the PERFECT Wedding day – the PERFECT church, the PERFECT venue, the PERFECT party, and even, what I thought, was the PERFECT love story.

If you have been following along with me on my journey over this past year, you know that my PERFECT love story did not have a happy ending. So, what are the odds that out of ALL the dates that I was presented, August 19th was chosen as the day my divorce would be finalized. It is still incredibly painful (and, honestly, surreal) to even write those words. 

While there is a lot of the story to still be written, I have to believe that this day will, once again, come full circle.

Until then, I will always celebrate my birthday (and my sister’s) on the “19th.”

When asked for the expiration date on my credit card, I will politely say “09/19.” Maybe this is a sign to not use it so much!?

And, if I ever plan on selling my investment property, I will remember the feeling when I was presented the deed of the house (as the sole owner)…recorded on “September 19th, 2016.”


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