25 Days of Christmas #18: A Good Ole’ Fashioned Salad

By: Janine Serio

So, I have to admit, this is the 1st year in awhile that I have had numerous Holiday parties and luncheons to attend. While it has been a nice change of pace, it has also come with a lot of uncertain eating too! 

As I have shared, the “uncertain” eating does not bring about the stress that it used to bring in years past. Sure, I try to go for the veggies, proteins, and healthy fats  when I can (these are the foods that will totally satisfy without have me going overboard) BUT, sometimes, it is just not an option. And, sometimes, I just want to try something different!

Because moderation and enjoyment, right? Umm, YEAH! 

On the flip side, though, when I do have some “control” over my meals, I will ALWAYS make sure to get in my share of veggies and protein…and this, usually, comes in the form of a BIG, HEARTY SALAD. The reason – satisfaction through the roof, and I can “satisfy” my daily goal of 9 servings of veggies. Plus, it helps to keep me on point with my eating when I am navigating the party scene. See, it’s a 3 for 1 deal! 🙂 

I will be honest, my love affair with salads has not always been the case. Yes, I have always been a salad guru (to an extent) but I went through a period of time where I was just NOT SATISFIED. I was bored with it. I was under the impression that I had to “strictly” eat lettuce, vegetables, and top it with dry chicken breast in order for it to be healthy. No croutons, no cheese, no dressing, no fatty cuts of meat. Umm, no fun!? Needless to say, this left me hungry and moody, and I found myself reaching for “all the snaxx” shortly thereafter.

Needless to say, my interest and desire for making salads, and even ordering salads out, totally fell by the wayside. This all changed, though, when I FINALLY decided to make to make THIS BIG change –> enter in ALL the healthy fats, dressings (homemade & clean, when possible of course), and proteins that I LIKED. The goal was to implement, monitor my hunger, energy, & cravings, and see how it affected my overall physique. I would adjust accordingly if I felt it still wasn’t enough or if I felt it was “too much.”

What I found out was pretty cool; actually pretty awesome! I regained my love for salads, felt tighter and leaner than ever before, and my satisfaction factor was through the roof. Oh, and guess what, no more snacking! In fact, I even came to the conclusion that my body thrives on healthy fat, protein, and veggies…and I am not talking baby portions of these macronutrients either! Just LOOK at this picture from yesterday’s lunch:

Romaine, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, bacon, shrimp, & crab meat (with a side of balsamic)! I mean, this is no salad for the weary! Game face (and feed bag) on! 

With multiple parties to attend last evening, and not knowing when I would, actually, get a “real meal,” this was the PERFECT solution.

Again, this was the PERFECT solution FOR ME. Remember, you have to DO YOU and figure out what works the best for your lifestyle. 

I left feeling satisfied, totally content, and not worried for one moment that I would be huddled around the heavier, comfort foods that I was, ultimately, faced with. Did I taste and enjoy? Absolutely! Was there any guilt or stress post consumption? No, no, no! 

So, during this season of partying, yummy treats, and “uncertain” eats, remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t mean that you are totally throwing away all of your hard work and effort. Keep your BIG ROCKS in place – as I have shared, mine are making sure I get in my daily 9 servings of veggies and ample protein/healthy fats – and letting go of the fear that by going outside of your comfort zone with your eating is going to make or break what you have been consistent with up to this point. 

Enjoy…and let me know how YOU navigate all the Holiday eats! I love hearing about all the different strategies that people put into place this time of year! 🙂

Oh, and since I am talking about salads today, make sure you check out Day 16’s gift that I showcased on the Blog! This will DEFINITELY make any salad guru go gaga this Holiday season!


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