25 Days of Christmas #16: Do You Even Chop, Bro?

By: Janine Serio

AND, just like that, it’s FRIDAY again! I know I have been saying this every week but, SERIOUSLY, where are the days going? Before we know it, 2017 will be here! AHH!

Okay, a little check-in…how is the shopping, baking, decorating, and all the other merriment going? Are you checking those lists twice? 😉 While this is, seriously, not meant to come off bragging – I still can’t believe it – this is the FIRST year that I am completely finished with my shopping (and have even wrapped too). Yes, I am all about being prepared and SUPER organized but even this seems over the top for me! Okay, maybe I have 1 more gift to purchase but there is a reason I am holding off until closer to the BIG DAY. 

While it is nice to not have the stress of still needing to find those PERFECT gifts, here is the problem I am running into (maybe you can relate) –> I am finding myself buying extra (and a little for myself too) because “oh, that looks so cute” or “omgosh, if only they had put this out earlier.” Honestly, even though I tell myself that, it still has not stopped me from pulling out the credit card! Ha! I have heard people say this is what happens when you are finished a little too early; NOW, I know EXACTLY what they mean! 

In keeping with the FOODIE inspired FRI-YAY theme, I wanted to share with you one of my FAVORITE kitchen gadgets of ALL TIME. In fact, I have showcased this on the Blog and on the 2 Health Nuts Facebook & Instagram pages many times before! This is perfect for the person who has EVERYTHING (or a HUGE salad guru like myself). Maybe, it is the perfect gift for YOU to purchase for yourself! 

Gone are the days of salads being #BORING…and feeling like you are eating a mouthful of leafy, unappetizing greens! Been there, done that, was off of salads for a long time! It all changed when THIS entered my life –> the OXO Salad Chopper!

A true salad game changer!

This tool is AHH-MAZING and an absolute MUST HAVE in your kitchen. Loads of greens and vegetables become more palatable and easier to consume when chopped all nice and purdy! 🙂 I mean, seriously! Again, who wants to be eating big, leafy romaine stalks anyway?

So, now I ask…do you even CHOP, bro? GET IT, GIFT IT, GOT IT! 


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