25 Days of Christmas #15: On Chimney Rock, On Peju, On Stags’ Leap, & Del Dotto!

By: Janine Serio

Ahh, now we are talking…my kind of reindeer! 😉

Mind you, I have many, many FAVORITES – Caymus, Cakebread, Miner, Justin, Worthy, Lincourt, Michael David, Adelsheim, Daou, Groth, Stag’s Leap (yes, there is a difference), William Hill, Chalk Hill, Treana, Toad Hollow, oh and the list goes on.

And these are my usual “go-to’s” in the United States!

I do have a love for French, Italian, Spanish, Argentina, Australia…well, is there any varietal I am not fond of as of late? 

First, and foremost, let me say that I, of course, consume responsibly! Wine tasting and collecting has kind of become my “thing.” I have grown to really love learning about what goes into the wine making process, the various grapes, oaked vs. unoaked, barrels vs. steel, how the temperature and soil are a huge contributor to the overall depth of the wine, and so much more (that may for another blog post – ha)! 

Fun Fact: Did you know there are over 500 vineyards in the Napa Valley area, alone?

Beyond my favorite wines to, personally, consume, one of my favorite things to gift, especially when attending a Holiday party, is an actual bottle from my personal collection, or one I have scouted out for that particular individual, couple, or “special someone.”

Sure, it would be easy to simply grab the cheapest bottle at the store and call it a day, but I want it to mean something more then just “here you go, thank you for inviting me.” Note: I am not knocking you if this is something you like or prefer to do! Remember, these are just my personal thoughts, opinions, and preferences. 

Depending on the person, I like to choose a wine that I feel reflects them. Maybe it was based on a prior conversation we had, a dinner out in which “said wine” was chosen, or maybe it was because of something I had tried that I thought would be a perfect FIT or compliment to their palettes & personality. 

Adorned in a chic bag with a handwritten note of WHY I “chose what I chose,” and this, to me, is a WINNING gift (with the same amount of thought and meaning as if shopping for the latest gadget, kitchen appliance, clothing item, etc.).

Let me know if you are giving the gift of your favorite grape this Holiday season and, if so, what do YOU recommend? 

Cheers and be responsible!


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