25 Days of Christmas #14: Young & Rest-Less

By: Janine Serio

No shame in my guilty pleasure game; although I have not been following as much recently, when I can, I do enjoy a good soap opera escape. And, if you cannot guess one of my favorites from the title…ha, ha, don’t worry, it’s all good! 

Since today is Wednesday, I wanted to keep with the workout theme for “Day 14’s” post in the 2 Health Nuts “25 Days of Christmas” series. Speaking of which, did you happen to try out the Mistletoe Meltdown Workout I posted yesterday? If you did, PLEASE let me know what you thought! If you have not checked it out, make sure to see what I am talking about! The link is provided for you (above)!

If you have been following the 2 Health Nuts, I am SURE you have noticed a trend in my workout attire…I am a HUGE Lululemon fan (their variety of headbands are kind of my signature look). Everything from their capri’s & running tights, to their stylish shirts, jackets, accessories, and gym bags, this is my total jam! Yes, I know it is pricey BUT, hands down, the quality of their products speaks volumes, and you are not feeling like the items have to be “retired” after 2 or 3 workouts! 

Today’s Lululemon item I am showcasing is, actually, part of their newest collection! Introducing, the REST LESS Pullover! Beyond the warmth factor, I love the chic & trendy fabric that not only looks festive BUT it can take you from an outdoor run to an indoor lunch with friends! It’s that versatile…and THAT CUTE! With 4 colors to choose from, I am positive you can find one that FITS your likes, preferences, and personality! The color in my collection is the heathered gray. 

Oh, and just so you know, it does fit a little on the smaller side (it is quite form fitting). While I did purchase my usual size, just make a note in case you, or that special someone on your list, prefers a little looser fit. 

Here’s to looking super stylish (and warm) come the New Year! 🙂


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