25 Days of Christmas #11: Sole-ful Sunday

By: Janine Serio

Happy SOLE-ful Sunday, Health Nuts! 🙂 Hope you have gotten your MERRY on this weekend! As we gear up for another week, I wanted to share with you today’s “FLY” gift that I seem to live in on a daily basis. These were ESPECIALLY clutch today when my poor feet needed a little R&R from those fabulous Badgely Mischka’s I showcased yesterday

Yes, they are GORGEOUS, and I LOVE THEM, but I am pretty sure people thought I had a little too much to drink by the end of the evening. 

So, back to my “FLY” gift, and what’s totally trending in my athletic closet right now. Ah hem, I know, I do have a section dedicated to all my athletic wear (please, no judgement).

Enter my Nike Free “Flyknit” Running Shoes

Mind you, I do not recommend running long distances in them BUT I DO recommend purchasing them in a fun color that defines YOU. I absolutely adore my hot pink version (my Mom loved them so much she purchased them too), and they are, quite, the conversation starters. I say this from experience…they always get a ton of chatter and make you feel SUPER TRENDY and fashion forward too! 🙂

My advice? RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest shoe store (okay, or to the Nike website) and grab your pair TODAY! I promise, you will not be disappointed…and your feet will thank you (especially post-Holiday party)!! Ha!



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