25 Days of Christmas #10: All That Glitters Is Gold!

By: Janine Serio

Deviating away from my, usual, health and wellness post(s) to another huge passion of mine –fashion…and clothing…and shopping. Oh my!

With a handful of Holiday parties to attend this year, it becomes the never ending question of “What am I going to wear?” I am the queen of having a closet filled with clothes – some even with the tags still on – yet, I still have “nothing.”

I don’t know, maybe it is an excuse on my part to go and shop? An obsession? A sickness? Ha! In any event, THIS same question came back to the forefront a few weeks ago –> “what the heck am I going to wear?”

And so my mission started.

Generally speaking, I gravitate towards the  chic, and ever stylish, “little black dress” when it comes to Holiday parties or special events. No, it’s not because I am being practical – come on, I have clothes with tags still on them and, yet, I have “nothing to wear” – and can wear again, but because it screams CLASS. Pair it with the proper “jewels” and accessories, and you have a winning look!

This year, though, I wanted something different. I wanted something a little edgier. A little bolder. A look that is not “predictable,” but defines who I am. It’s kind of been my mantra over the last several months. I mean, I did get purple highlights in my hair, which, mind you, is the boldest thing I have ever done!

So, when I have been seeing THESE gilded culottes as all the rage, I knew that this was EXACTLY the route I wanted to go. In fact, I kind of pulled the whole look from the Anthropologie catalog (although my picture does not do the outfit justic), sans the santa hat! 

Gotta’ give credit were credit is due! 

Pair these with my FAVORITE Badgely Mischka pumps, gold clutch, and “diamonds,” and, as the song goes, “all that glitters really IS gold!”Bold, stylish, and a completely new look! 

Oh, and, FINALLY, out of the workout clothes! Let’s just hope my feet can handle these beauties! 


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