25 Days of Christmas #7: Sometimes, You Just Need To Sweat It Out!

By: Janine Serio

It’s no secret, this time of year can be a challenge when it comes to staying in a routine. From your day-to-day schedule, to staying on top of your fitness and nutrition, do you ever wonder “how will I get everything accomplished?” And, if you are a list-oriented individual like myself, it sometimes feels even MORE daunting and overwhelming when you see the “to-do” list runneth over. 

Enter the gift that keeps on giving – exercise!

There are some days that a good ‘ole sweat session just takes priority (and is absolutely necessary). Mind you, this is not because you are looking to “burn off” any Holiday treats, or bank your caloric deficit for a future “binge” (remember, gone are the days of the “all or nothing” mindset); it’s about the time to help you re-center, refocus, and gain a little mental clarity, even if only for 10, 15, or 20 minutes. 

The goal is NOT to spend hours, upon hours, in the gym; it’s about short, intense, and purposeful movement that will help get the endorphins pumpin’, and help to decrease those stress levels too!!

Today, I am sharing with you a SUPER effective workout that is ALL BODY WEIGHT (ha, no excuses) and combines 2 of my “favorite things” – leg work and sprints!  This can be done at the local track, turf field, or even at gym (or home gym). 

As with any of the FREE workouts the 2 Health Nuts share, please, please, please make sure to modify, and adapt, according to your personal fitness level. A proper cardiovascular/dynamic warm-up, and full body static stretch of ALL MAJOR MUSCLE groups is imperative at the start and end of your workout (especially when sprinting is involved).  

Most importantly, be safe, have fun, and sprint your way into the Holiday season with a new perspective (and maybe feeling those quads, hammy’s, and glutes, too)! 


“Oh By Gosh, By Golly…It’s Lots of Sprinting, Squatting, & Lunging!”

20 (TOTAL) Walking Lunges…100 yard/meter sprint

30 (TOTAL) Walking Lunges…100 yard/meter sprint

40 (TOTAL) Walking Lunges…100 yard/meter sprint

*Minimal recovery between working sets; once complete, 1 minute FULL recovery

10 Squats…100 yard/meter sprint

15 Squats…100 yard/meter sprint

20 Squats…100 yard/meter sprint

*Minimal recovery between working sets; once complete, 1 minute FULL recovery

4 x 50 yard sprints (As Fast As Possible; recover as needed)

*If utilizing a treadmill, elliptical, or even bike, “100 yards/meters” is equivalent to 20-30 seconds of all out work; “50 yards/meters” is equivalent to 15-20 seconds of all out work!

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