25 Days of Christmas #1: All About ‘DA SNAXX!

By: Janine Serio

Happy December 1st – the “official” kick off to the Holiday Season and a month full of giving, abundance, and spreading good cheer!

I am SO EXCITED to be sharing this AMAZING 25 day series with you! Since Christmas is, by far, my favorite Holiday (and, no, I am not bias because my birthday is this month), I wanted to make it the most epic one yet! As Marie Forleo wrote, “It’s not about what I can get but what I can give.” 

And I could not agree more! 

So, as we count down to the “BIG DAY,” I wanted to share with you MY personal version of the “25 Days of Christmas.” From today until December 25th, I will be blogging about ALL of my favorite “go-to’s” – from my favorite workouts, recipes, holiday eating and stress management strategies, to what’s trending on my gift list, my closet, my gym bag, and so much more!  Oh, don’t worry, I will also share some of favorite vinos and champagnes too!

Because, hello, moderation and WINE (I mean, why) NOT? 😉 

This is MY gift to all of you! Not only do I want to help us ALL get into the Holiday spirit BUT I want this to be another reminder that a healthy lifestyle is sustainable, achievable, and downright EASY, NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF THE YEAR! Plus, I LOVE to shop so I, of course, want to share all my favorite goods with you too! 

Alright, you ready? Maybe I should say, can I offer you a snack? 

Day #1 is all about ‘DA SNAXX! I am a huge fan – and advocate – of making sure I am always prepared with a little “something” in case I get #hangry between meals or before an evening out/dinner party. There is nothing worse than those ravenous hunger pangs, and NOT having a clean, healthy snack on hand to keep them at bay. We ALL know what happens when we go a little too long between meals – enter mindless eating and consuming WAY more (empty) calories than needed.

proteinbarsstockingThere is not a day that goes by where you will not see me with one of THESE gems by my side – in my purse, car, at my desk, etc. I know this is going to sound corny, but these are my version of “Santa’s helpers” to help get me through the day!  

Here’s reality – day to day life is crazy enough! Add on top of it all that needs to be accomplished during the Holiday season, and, phew, it is January 1st before we even know it. Although sitting down to a real meal is, of course, the BEST option, sometimes, it is more about convenience (and being realistic) too. 

I, mostly, use these bars as “buffers” between my bigger meals or before a party BUT, for some (i.e. PapaSteve Bars), their calorie count is high enough that it can satisfy me as a meal. Again, everyone is different so keep that in mind and, most importantly, listen to your body. I have many clients who love the fact that a protein bar nixes their sweet tooth, while others say it only propels them to wanting MORE sugar! Investigate and implement as needed and desired!

The best part of these bars – beyond their flippin’ yumminess – is the chic packaging they arrive in, making them a PERFECT STOCKING STUFFER for your favorite “Health Nut.” With so many options to choose from, I guarantee you can find the perfect bar for anyone on your list! 

If you are interested in purchasing, make sure to check out the “Boutique” section (check the “Our Affiliates” link too) on our blog! Here, you will find ALL of the awesomeness of RxBars, JimmyBars, & Primal Kitchen! For more information on PapaSteve’s, and to order, please send an email to Daria Shaw: daria@2healthnuts.net. 


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