WAIT, What Happens Now That It Is The Holiday Season?

backseatdriverHappy Post-Thanksgiving Health Nuts! Hope your Holiday was filled with family, friends, and yummy grub too! 🙂 This year, my family and I traded our traditional Baltimore Thanksgiving for a low key Holiday at our beach house on the Jersey Shore. 

In case you were wondering, yes, this is 30 year old me traveling as the infamous back seat driver. Ha!  Not pictured is my sister’s French Bulldog who decided to pant and drool over my Tory Burch bag(s) for the entire 3 hours. Needless to say, I was ready for the wine upon arrival! 

Today’s post is, actually, a continuation of what I spoke about a few weeks ago when discussing my trip to Napa, Ca. Back in the day, I would view travel as a “Holiday” sort to speak. What do I mean? Well, kind of a free for all when it came to eating whatever I wanted, drinking whatever I wanted, no concern for working out or staying active, AND, if I was so lucky as to be going to the islands, my booty would be hunkered down in a lounge chair soaking up the rays. For however long I was away, my lifestyle back home was put on a MAJOR HOLD.

I never knew WHEN I would get to “come back,” or travel for that matter, so the mentality of “might as well do it all NOW,” seemed to be the vicious mantra that would always put me back to THIS state when I got home –> feeling miserable, guilty, and now needing to be on a PLAN.

If you have been following along with the 2 Health Nuts blog, you may remember me sharing this story…I can remember one time traveling home from Punta Cana and going through the various fitness magazines I brought with me, desperately trying to find the PERFECT plan to get me back on track. I would write out my fitness schedule and meals for when I got home, and SWORE to myself that I would stick with it!

Was I motivated to start something new? Absolutely!

Was I dreading what I had in store for myself? I am sure!

Was I learning anything about myself and my process? Hell no! And THIS, right here, has been the mental shift and game changer for me over the last 3 years. 

I am sure you can write the ending to my “needing to get right back on a plan” story. I came home, was able to white-knuckle my way for the 1st few days and, then, it would seem to go downhill from there. If I missed a workout, or did not eat EXACTLY what I written for myself then, FORGET IT! Mind you, “going downhill” did not mean I was head first into the bag of potato chips or cookies. This has never been my thing. What would “throw me off” is if I went for a 2nd helping of rice, or chose to eat the whole potato instead of half, or maybe added SOMETHING ELSE to my bland chicken and broccoli because it was just not satisfying. Imagine that! Can I say pretty boring too?!

I know, I know, I am always saying that I am a “work-in-progress” but it is the truth. Honestly, we all are! Over the last 3 years, I have been working towards figuring out what works for ME and how to, FINALLY, drop this “all or nothing” mindset.

This is hard, I mean, really hard at times. I still struggle with fighting this mindset. Regardless of whether or not I am home, traveling, at a conference, in a meeting, on vacation, etc., I am striving to get to a place of BEING THE SAME PERSON, EATING THE SAME WAY, MOVING ACCORDING TO HOW I FEEL, and, most importantly, PRACTICING AND ENJOYING MY PROCESS every step of the way. Oh, wait, I am forgetting a BIG one…NOT STRESSING MYSELF OUT ABOUT ALL OF THIS, too!

Life is stressful enough, right?

It’s about getting to a place of not being so RIGID and METHODICAL, yet not saying “FUCK IT,” I will worry about it tomorrow, or the next day, or even next week. It’s about being present in the moment, letting go of this idea that if it’s not PERFECT then you are weak, and just TRUSTING YOURSELF.

One of the things I have been asked over the last few weeks is how I handle staying on track during the Holiday season. This is answered without hesitation – I will eat the same way I do MOST days of the year. It’s that simple. Nothing crazy, nothing restrictive, and no deprivation.

My meals have consisted of a lot of coffee with cream, lots of bacon, eggs (yes, with the yolks), lots of turkey (white and dark meat), veggies, hummus, cheese, pate, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and much more! Oh, and HOW COULD I FORGET the champagne, wine, and delicious port too!

As for needing to get a workout in on Thanksgiving, and the following days thereafter, because, OMGOSH, I need to burn off ALL the calories that I consumed is, definitely, NOT part of my repertoire anymore. That’s right, going into the Holiday weekend, I had no intention of doing any sort of “formal” workout (just leisurely walking as much as possible). I spent way too many years of my life feeling like I needed to get in a 5+ mile run, or go to the gym for, at least, an hour on Thanksgiving Day because “what if I eat too many ‘not so good’ foods?”

Guess what, those “not so good foods” are merely a figment of our imagination…just sayin’ Honestly, the excessive cardio was leading me to overeat (and crave) all of those “not so good foods.” Again, where do we come up with this??

So, as for my wellness goals this Holiday weekend, my focus and efforts were on catching up on some much needed sleep, re-gaining my appetite (which has been off as of late), and dial down my current stress factor. This is my process, and my practice, and what I am moved to do right now. 

And, you know what? Getting the ability to do THIS is something I am grateful for every single day!!


P.S. My view for the weekend…not too shabby, huh? 


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