Did You Know That Drinking 3 Bottles of Wine is NO BIG DEAL?

By: Janine Serio


Would you be even MORE SURPRISED when I said those 3 bottles of wine are consumed on a nightly basis? Wait, WHAT?! I will get to this, promise!

If you have been following along on the 2 Health Nuts social media posts, or are part of our “Inner Circle” (ooohh, if you want on the list, make sure to subscribe below), you will have seen me showcase my recent trip to BEAUTIFUL Napa Valley. If you have taken a wine tasting trip before, you pretty much follow the same routine every day – wake-up, drink LOTS of coffee, and then it is ALL THE WINE and CHAMPAGNE. Oh, and how could I forget the culinary treats that were consumed along the way…because you need to feed the “red,” “white,” and “bubbly.”

A few years ago, a trip like this would have probably, “scared” me. it would not have been about traveling across the country – I kind of have a love affair with California – but it would have me focused on 3 things:

  1. When would I get to the gym? I could not go away for 5 days and not work out, AT LEAST, a handful of times. 
  2. While I still try and make the BEST food choice possible where I am, the rigidity of what I would eat, or try for that matter, would have me stressed beyond belief. What if I consumed “something” that I deemed to be “unhealthy?”
  3. Will I be able to fit into my clothes after drinking ALL THE WINE? I am sure I was under the “influence” of our media’s great alcohol debate. 

Today, beyond getting to travel, celebrate, and drink lots of wine, a trip like this actually EXCITES me. Whenever I have the ability to be pulled out of my comfort zone for a few days, I have grown to ENJOY it. This is something I encourage everyone to do and get comfortable with doing often! Not only is this valuable “research” for me, but it is a continued practice of MY process, and how I am, constantly, navigating it accordingly. This is research that helps me to find effective tools, tips, and strategies that I not only utilize but, in turn, I can share with you too! A total win-win!

It is hard to believe it has been almost 2 weeks – geez, time flies. For me, post-vacation blues come with a lot of mixed emotions. Sure, I am bummed it is over but I am excited to plan the next trip (I am all about the anticipation). In fact, I eve like getting back into my daily routine. 

What I can say that I DON’T feel blue about and, actually, has been a game changer for me, is this feeling of now needing to be PERFECT with my exercise and nutrition. Talk about a complete mindset shift for me over the past couple years. And, if I am being completely honest, I still struggle with this at times. Hello, I am so not perfect!!!

Did I have 5 days (and then some) off from working out? YUP, but walked 10,000+ steps per day! While I know some people use vacations as a means to get in as many workouts as possible (which I think is great), I tend to be the opposite. Yes, I stay as active as possible but I use this time to rest and recharge my body, mind, and soul. Sometimes this is easier said than done but, for the most part, it is a total switch from my old mindset. In fact, I have gotten to the point where I do not even take my workout clothes anymore when I travel. What I found was if I packed them, and then never wore them (or worked out for that matter), I would feel totally guilty and disappointed in myself. It was as if I was setting myself up for failure. I did this one too many times until, FINALLY, I decided that was the end of it! So far, it has “worked out” pretty well but, as my process changes, this could as well. Remember, perfection not required! It is all about being flexible and letting the chips fall where are meant to fall. 

Did I deviate from my usual meals and tried some new cuisine? YOU BET I DID! 

Did I overindulge or feel that this may be the LAST time I allow myself to try for a while? NOT AT ALL! I tasted, sample, and, as always, ate according to my hunger and satisfaction level.

Did I worry about the “little things” such as sauces, dressings, cream, etc.? NO WAY! This may have even helped with the satisfaction factor too…just sayin’ 😉

Did I consume a LOT of wine? Well, that question is up for debate still. “When in Napa,” right? Seriously, though, most of the locals we met were completely forthcoming by saying that they consume “about 3 bottles of night” and it is really “no big deal.” Wine seems to be like water in that region. And, let me point out by saying that these individuals looked in good shape too. I might need to take another trip for some market research on this one! Speaking of water, you can be sure I kept up with my hydration! 

Have I come back feeling like I need to restrict, deprive, or feel guilty? ABSOLUTELY NOT! 

A big part of my practice over the past few years has been about consistency. For me, this has been a game changer! The more consistent and, in turn, flexible I have become with my workouts and my nutrition, the easier and less stressful it has been when I do “deviate” from my routine.

Honestly, while I embrace and enjoy my routine and schedule, I have become MUCH MORE aware of when it is time to break that routine too. When I start feeling exhausted and bored, and my day to day schedule becomes a little too demanding, I know it is time. Motivation wanes, and that feeling of just wanting to say “fuck it” becomes all too familiar. 

I am a firm believer that you need to give your body a break from the “day in” and “day out” grind. This is something that has been my “Achilles heel” for far too long. If you can find your consistency sweet spot, and start living YOUR life “down the middle,” 5 days, 7 days, 2 weeks, etc., is NOT going to make or break all of your efforts.

Consistency over time is what will keep your goals in check, and will help you to NOT feel that is has to be “all or nothing” when you give yourself a freakin’ break!

Cheers…in moderation of course! And, no, I am not advocating 3 bottles of wine every night!


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