To WINE or Not to WINE…That IS The Most Important Question!

By: Janine Serio

“When you are tired you ‘take a napa,’ you don’t move to Napa!”

{Carrie Bradshaw, Sex In The City}


Ha! Anyone else just love this series? It, truly, has to be one of my favorites, and, believe it or not, I tend to find myself watching the syndicated episodes when I am in need of some advice, inspiration, and maybe to scoop out the best places to check out in NYC (and see if any of the fashion trends have come back in style)! 

If you have been following my recent posts on social media, or are part of the 2 Health Nuts “Inner Circle” (*Make sure to get on the list HERE), you have been hearing me talk about my upcoming trip, t-minus 2 days to be exact, to the Napa Valley.

Since having posted about this, I have been getting asked more and more HOW I am able to implement wine it into my lifestyle without it derailing my health and wellness goals.

First, let me preface by stating what I will ALWAYS tell you – everyone is different and the “what,” “why,” and “how” of why we do what we do, eat what we eat, and drink what we drink for that matter is highly individual. This is especially the case when it comes to lifestyle and our personal goals. Gosh, I know I sound like a broken record at times, BUT I really cannot stress THIS enough – our lifestyle process is neither linear, nor predictable, and we need to stop trying to fit a “square peg” into a “circular hole!”

Every single day we need to jump in and figure it out! No rush, no urgency, and without guilt. Give yourself permission (it’s, really, okay)! We have FOREVER; it does not have to happen all at once!

Okay, I have gotten on my soap box and WHINED, now back to the real matter – WINE! This is a juicy topic of conversation because it comes with so much controversy in the industry. One of my mentors, and leaders in the industry, Dr. Jade Teta (owner and founder of Metabolic Effect), puts an AWESOME and REALISTIC perspective on this great debate. In fact, this philosophy is universal – one I have spoken on in previous Facebook and Blog posts – and can be applied to MANY areas of your lifestyle, specifically when it comes to your nutrition. 

The philosophy comes down to defining and labeling food and drink in our life as either “good” or “bad.” Have you ever found yourself saying, or maybe even thinking, “I can’t have THAT because it is bad” or “I will pass on my favorite ice cream because it is NOT good for me.” Please, no judgement if you answered “yes.” I fully admit I have gone down this road many times and, still, to this day, find myself teetering back and forth. 

“When it comes to food and drink, the best way to approach things is not “good” vs. “bad,” but rather “what works” and “what does not.” We all know how forcing yourself to eat nothing but chicken and broccoli can lead to you eating nothing but cheesecake and pretzels. We also all appreciate the concept of how allowing small amounts of SOMETHING we like, that is not so healthy, can actually help us eat better overall” {Dr. Jade Teta}. 

For so many of us, we like structure (me included). When it comes to your personal lifestyle goals, though, it works a little differently. Again, this is ANOTHER mindset switch for most. It’s about questioning the rules and realizing that the right way is the way that works for YOU, and no on else. As Jade goes on to explain, if we were looking at alcohol through the “good” or “bad” viewpoint, then, okay, it would be deemed as not being the best choice. But, as he pointed out, what if that glass or two of wine at dinner, or pre-dinner, helped you to NOT go hog wild with the bread basket, or have that 2nd or 3rd helping of mashed potatoes, or even want that slice of pie. Yes, these are all PERFECTLY fine in moderation, but, as we know, not when consumed in excess! 

THIS, right here, “is how you want to look at food and drink” {Dr. Jade Teta}!  And I could not agree more!

An easy, simple, and totally DOABLE solution, and one that takes practice, of course, to break down the mindset barrier that, by allowing yourself to sip, swirl, and savor your favorite wine varietal, is not necessarily pulling you away from your goals but could, actually, help you! I have implemented this very practice and I have felt the urgency of “not knowing when I would allow myself to have another glass,” as well as snacking my way until dinner, seem to dissipate over time. With anything, though, it has been about being mindful, aware, and navigating your food and drinks accordingly (and responsibly)! 😉 Cheers! 


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