I Double Dare YOU Not To Compare!

By: Janine Serio

Franklin Roosevelt once said, “comparison is the thief of joy.” In a recent Facebook post, I asked if you have ever found yourself in a comparison trap with YOURSELF?  While I encourage a mindful reflection of “where you have been,” “where you are now,” and “where you WANT to go,” what happens when it starts to turn into a “how did I let ‘X’ happen” or “why doesn’t ‘X’ feel the same as it did before?”

I will admit, I am afraid to view my current process at face value. I don’t know why (this is something I am trying to figure out) but I am learning to forgive myself and just own the fact that it’s a daily practice.

I know it’s natural to feel this way but, if not addressed, and stopped in its tracks, it becomes an on-going game of tug-of war.

And this is where it becomes hard. Okay, extremely hard! 

Last week, I reflected on where I have been in the last 10 years. Honestly, it makes me sad to think that so much of my time and energy has been consumed with calorie counting, high carbs, low carbs, high protein, low fat, high fat, calorie cycling, super clean eating, eating less and exercising more, marathon training, short, intense exercise, total exhaustion, quick fixes, all or nothing, rest-based training/living, and the list goes on.

On a side note, here are some pics of me over the last 5 years, which showcase where I was in my heavy marathon training days, to my short, intense workouts, and, now, to more of a “rest-based” (healing) lifestyle. Not 100% of where I want to be but, as I always say, I am a work in progress!

facebook-2015-24          janinekb         janinehilton

Through all of this, though, I can’t even remember a time where I can truly say, wow, this is the best I have ever felt or looked! Sure, there have been lots of valuable insight, tools, and techniques that I have learned along the way – these are the same ones that I coach and educate clients on today – but what if there was something more?

What if it is simply a matter of refocusing? Maybe call it a “re-branding” of who I am and what I want out of life.

What if it was recognizing that, yeah, 2 years ago, when I was 15-20 lbs. lighter, I was super stressed, had very little muscle, and embarking on an emotional roller coaster that still has me sidelined to this very day?

I mean, how can I even compare?! I am not a robot!

What if I FINALLY said to myself “this is your do-over.” This is the time to start staring my process in the face and just go with the flow. Stop looking back and comparing “what was.” This is about looking forward and becoming the highest version of my current self…not where I was last month, two months ago, last year, or even 2 year ago. 

The comparison trap is extremely paralyzing, and can make you feel vain, bitter, resentful, and, ultimately, pull you further away from what YOU want out of life . When we start to accept our reality for WHAT IT IS, even if it means experiencing a little discomfort (who cares, #comfortzonesucks anyway), we can start the process of moving forward, and continue with the on-going “branding” and “re-branding” of ourselves. 

As I mentioned, it is natural to compare. We all do it in some way, shape, or form BUT when you finally start to realize your true power and beauty, those illusions of your former self (or even other people) being better than you , right now, at this very moment, slowly start to fade away. 

So, are you up to the challenge? If so, I DOUBLE DARE YOU NOT TO COMPARE!!


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