Which Will Promote Fat Loss Quicker – A Protein Smoothie or Eggs & Oatmeal?

By: Janine Serio

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Happy Last Day of September…and FRIDAY for that matter! Seriously, where does the time go?

Speaking of which, TIME for a little check-in. Let’s do a brief introspection on “where we are” and “how we are doing” in our OWN, personal processes. It’s easy for us to “think” we are doing okay but, today, I encourage all of us to stop whatever we are doing and take some time to think about these questions…

  • Are you finding the JOURNEY to be exciting?
  • Do you feel there is WAY too much information to be navigating through?
  • Are you overwhelmed?
  • Are you anxious and nervous that you may not be doing “something right?”
  • On the flip side, do you feel lighter? Freer? Not “bound” by what you THOUGHT was the only way?
  • Are you scared that you may slip back into your old ways down the road?

Okay, TIME is up! 

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions and, yes, there are plenty more we could ask ourselves, then we are, totally, on the right track!

We SHOULD be feeling ALL of these things, and then some. They say it takes 21 days for a habit to form, and, while SO TRUE, it is a little different when it comes to lifestyle change. I say this because I don’t want you to feel that a huge change should have already taken place if you have been doing this for some time now.

It’s not going to be that easy, nor would I want it to be that way! This is hard work and the very reason why so many people jump from diet program to diet program looking for the “answer.” We don’t want to think; we just want to DO (and MOST want to see IMMEDIATE results)!  

Here is the difference, and the mindset shift that I want you to remind yourself every single day – YOU HAVE FOREVER TO FIGURE IT OUT. This process is neither linear, nor predictable, and we need to stop trying to fit a square peg into a circular hole.

As humans, we can’t help but attach our expectations and emotions with a final outcome. THIS is where we get tripped up and where a lot of the “work” needs to happen. We need to stop thinking that because I did “x, y, and z” then “1, 2, 3” SHOULD happen.

It does not work this way and THIS mentality is what starts to put us on the “I am weak” or “This is too hard” bandwagon and, eventually, we throw in the towel.

For so many of us, we like structure (me included). When it comes to your personal lifestyle goals, though, it works a little differently. Again, this is ANOTHER mindset switch for most. It’s about questioning the rules and realizing that the right way is the way that works for YOU, and no on else. 

Let me put this into perspective…

Let’s say you are a tried and true breakfast eater. You are, truly, hungry every morning between 7:30-8:00 am, so you follow suit by making one of your favorite protein smoothies. Chock full of protein, healthy fats, fiber, a little fruit, and loads of veggies, THIS keeps you satisfied well until lunch.

No need for snacking, no temptation for the donuts in the break room, and your desire for a double mocha 2 pump latte has fallen by the wayside. This is PERFECT; you have found what works for YOU.

Recently, though, you have been reading a LOT of articles about what people in the fitness industry are consuming and you are starting to question your particular choices, especially when it comes to your breakfast.

“Gosh, I see many gals promoting egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast. I mean, if they consume THAT, and look like THAT, I guess I need to do the same!”

So, you decide to change your ways and do the very same. NOW, your breakfast has become a 4 egg white omelet and a ½ cup steel cut oats. You do this for ~1 week and start to notice the following:

  • Totally rushed in the morning, so you are having to get up EXTRA early so you have time to prepare and eat. Not only are you tired but you are irritated with how much effort it seems to take. Before, you were able to take your smoothie and drink en route to work.
  • You are not enjoying the egg whites or the BLAND oatmeal. In fact, you have gone back to getting your mocha a few days this week AND every time you go by the break room, you sample a piece of donut.
  • By 10:00 am, you are ravenous! With your smoothie, it kept you satisfied until lunch!

As you can see, this switch did not fair you any better. Instead, you lacked enjoyment in your eating AND you were consuming a LOT more calories in the course of your morning – sugar being the main one – because this eating strategy DID NOT WORK FOR YOU. Just because the latest fitness model eats a certain way does not mean that it will yield the same results for you.

This is exactly why it is SO crucial to question all the rules and apply them as they seem fit to your lifestyle! Remember, THIS process is either linear, nor predictable; the only fat loss protocol is the one that works for YOU and only YOU. 

It’s TIME to put the detective hat on and ask yourself “what is the worst thing that could possibly happen IF I broke ALL THE RULES?”

Oohh, juicy, I know! I would love for you to share your thoughts (and rules you have recently broken)! 🙂


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