Can Getting Out of Routine Breed MORE Consistency?

By: Janine Serio


They say that you will never change your life until you change something you do daily. While, at face value, they may seem like small steps they are, actually, BIG steps when looking to create a sustainable, and realistic, lifestyle change.

These steps will take us from a place of needing to be “on a plan,” and needing everything to look “perfect” (seriously, what does THAT even look like), to learning how to live life “down the middle.” The secret to lifestyle success comes right down to THIS —> CONSISTENCY and our daily routine.

Have you ever gone through a period of time – a few days, weeks, or even months – when you just feel out of routine? Even if it’s nothing crazy, you still feel life is a little more disjointed than usual – from your workouts, to your nutrition, to even your mindset.

Isn’t it funny how EASY it is to get caught up in THIS struggle…

“I have not worked out in a few days. Will I lose everything I have worked so hard to accomplish? I feel behind in my training now!”

“How is it that OTHER people can stay consistent with their workouts & nutrition, all the time, but I tend to go through these ebbs and flows?”

“Oh geez, I don’t look at defined as I did last week!”

“My eating and drinking have been a little ‘less clean’ and much more relaxed. It’s been a nice break BUT NOW WHAT?”

“I feel like I am slacking…and losing willpower.”

And the questions and comments can go on, and on, and on.

Can you resonate?

Guess what – REALITY CHECK!

These are the stories that we are telling ourselves! These are the stories that creep into our minds when we start to lose trust within ourselves and WE want more control!

Our physique is not going to change in a matter of a few days, a couple weeks, or even a month.

Going through a few days (or even a few weeks) of not necessarily “staying on point” does not mean we have totally undone all of the good we HAVE done.

It’s about consistency over time, and listening to our bodies, that are going to be the REAL game changers. We are always one meal away from getting back on track and, guess what, the weights will always be there for us too! 

MAYBE there is a reason WHY a break was needed from the daily grind of working out. Same applies with our nutrition. As relaxed as we may feel, it can still be a mental stressor and, some times, you just need to say %$&# it to feel “normal.”

Is it possible that we need to get out of a routine to get back into one?

We need to not take ourselves so seriously…and to give ourselves a freakin’ break! 😉 It, truly, does not have to be that complicated! 

Instead of spending our days letting these so called “stories” float in and out, and trying our best to suppress/ignore, let’s tackle them head on! 

Okay, so getting to the gym (or just getting a workout in for that matter) has been few and far between. BFD! Take it for what it is – change of pace, a little mental relief, a mental recharge. It’s not forever gone; we are simply redefining it’s purpose in our life…and that is PERFECTLY okay!

Same goes for our nutrition; maybe it’s been fun trying new foods, recipes, and stepping outside of what we deem to be clean or fat loss friendly. Isn’t living the moderate, “down the middle” lifestyle about eating what we like and enjoy, still achieving our physique goals, and keep us feeling sane at the same time? 

Consistency will ALWAYS have our back and THIS is what will help breed resiliency too. 

Continue to investigate what works for YOU and I will do the same on my end too! Just remember these 3 things when doing so:

  1. Consistency will always trump perfection!
  2. You are never too “far gone!”
  3. Don’t let the stories you are telling yourself be anything more than just THAT – stories! 

Remember, no one knows YOU better than YOU! 


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