WAIT, You Are Finished With Your Workout? Plus, What’s WORKING Right Now!

By: Janine Serio


I have to admit, I LOVE nothing more then when I hear the comment “Wait, you are finished with your workout already? I mean, you just got HERE?!”

No, I don’t take it personally. In  fact, I look at it as quite the compliment.

While it has taken me the last few years to get into the mindset – and groove – of NOT working out for longer than 30 minutes, I have to say, I HONESTLY do not think I could tolerate ANYTHING longer at this point. 

This has nothing to do with not being as physically fit as I was before. Actually, I am in BETTER shape then when I was working out for 45-60+ minutes 5-6 days per week (and not listening to my body).


And, most importantly, FUN! 

This is WHY so many of us wonder WHY we cannot stay consistent with our exercise routines. We dread the gym, we are not seeing results, our expectations are too unrealistic, OR, we go out a little too hard, and end up feeling like THIS GUY


I remember I was skeptical at first. I mean, under 30 minutes to see better results, actual physique changes, and not have my life revolve around my workouts? It sounds AWESOME but, seriously, how is it possible?


While it was through trial and error, and a LOT of error at first, I finally realized what was needed to make the “under 30 minute workouts” ACTUALLY WORK!

  • LITTLE REST – only when needed – to get a little sweaty!
  • HEAVY WEIGHTS to feel ‘da burn and produce the metabolic disturbance, needed, to make a change!
  • Do what you LOVE and WHAT WORKS – not what you think SHOULD work (or has worked in the past). 

Oh, and my FAVORITE lesson learned – if my hair and outfit ARE still looking pretty fly and “in place” at the end, I DEFINITELY did not go HARD enough! 🙂 

So, are you ready to find out what why #30getsitdone has become so popular? Here are the TOP 3 WORKOUTS trending in the 2 Health Nuts archives…and we want YOU to check them out TODAY!

Let me know which one(s) you try…as well as your favorite! Talk about a tough decision! 🙂

You ready? Time to have have some fun!! Click below for the workout(s)!


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