Did You Hear About The PERFECT Workout?

By: Janine Serio


You know what I am talking about…

It’s that workout that builds, burns, sculpts, shreds, has you losing 5 lbs. in the same day, gets rid of cellulite, removes the infamous muffin top, and so on, and so on.

Seriously, you have heard about it, right?

I mean, this SINGLE workout will DO IT ALL. How cool is that? No more guessing. No more thinking. Only doing. What could be better?

“Okay Janine, give it up. What is this so called miracle workout?”

Honestly, if YOU know the answer to the question, then please let ME know because…

There is NO SUCH THING as the “perfect” workout, not in the measurable sense at least. 

Let me rephrase; yes, your workouts can be measured by intensity, complexity, adaptability, and physical changes BUT, to be REAL, it’s all relative based on the individual. What feels challenging to one person, may feel like a breeze to another; OR what tends to build more muscle for one, leaves another status quo. A once “go-to” workout protocol for getting lean is, actually, doing the opposite for you now. 

Since the idea of something being “perfect” will always keep us stagnant, and never feeling like we did (or are) “enough,” we need to re-frame our mindset on how IT should be viewed.

What should define “perfection” is the feeling of accomplishment and knowing that you gave it your ALL. This definition should evolve as you evolve, and take on new meaning as you go.

What happens day to day is reality. We can plan and schedule all day long but, in the end, there should be no expectations. 

This very idea should be the cornerstone of your lifestyle mantra.

You can have the most kick-ass workout program in place and, then, it’s “go time” and you fall way short of how you thought it should go. Maybe the workout was a little TOO advanced. Maybe you had not fully recovered from your previous workouts. Maybe you were running on little sleep or fuel. 

Whatever it may be, walk away knowing that you did the best you could that day, and that you always have the opportunity to try again. No, your workout was not a wash because you could not complete it to a “T.” You still gave it a try, right? While it may have looked “perfect” on paper, it was not “perfect” for you…and that is what needs to be embraced.

No guilt or shame for feeling less than “up to par.” 

Speaking of perfectly “imperfect” workouts, check this one out! *Warning, this is by, no means, easy, and should, absolutely, be leveled according to fitness ability. It will, definitely, be one to try again, being especially mindful of having more sleep and carbohydrates too! 

Toughin’ It On The Turf!

Make to warm-up, appropriately, for 5-10 minutes, including both cardiovascular and dynamic stretching. In between each sprint set, take as long as you need to recover! Ultimately, and it may be through consistent implementation, try to achieve the FULL workout in under 20 minutes. 

  • 4, consecutive, 100 yard sprints; recover – 1x
  • 3, consecutive, 100 yard sprints; recover – 2x
  • 2, consecutive, 100 yard sprints; recover – 3x
  • 100 yard ALL OUT sprints; recover – 4x

Cool-Down: Full Body Stretch of all major muscle groups

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