My Tug-Of-War…

By: Janine Serio

I am sure you have heard (and read) all of these before…

“Can you BOOSE IT and still LOSE IT?”

“Drink red wine to lose weight!”

“Did you know that drinking wine before bed will HELP YOU lose weight?”

“Alcohol instantly turns to fat!”

I have never truly understood – okay, maybe a little – why alcohol (in general) gets a negative reputation within the fitness community. Can’t the same argument be made with pretty much ANYTHING?

I was just having this discussion with one of our 8 Week Imperfection Coaching Experience participants. It’s funny how the person who is critical of someone consuming a glass or two of wine with their meal of lean protein and veggies IS THE SAME individual who is feasting on pizza, French fries, and a soda.

Have you ever had this experience before?

This constant noise about “drinking will hinder all of your fat loss efforts” or that consuming alcohol will “instantly turn to fat” is NOT necessarily true, yet, this has become the stigma.

Let me preface that I am not advocating alcohol to be healthy by any means BUT what I am saying is that if it is enjoyable to YOU, it is consumed in moderation, and you are still able to achieve or maintain your health and wellness goals, then WINE not (or whatever your beverage of choice may be)?

Research shows that alcohol can disrupt many of those KEY biofeedback signals, such as hunger, cravings, sleep, hormones, etc. Low blood sugar tends to be one of the biggest culprits. This is due in part to an increase in insulin and cortisol levels, making getting to sleep, and staying asleep, more of an issue, cravings becoming a little more out of whack, and your hunger may feel a little disoriented (possibly eating MORE than necessary).

Another factor is the dopamine effect that takes place the more you drink. Considered to be the “reward-seeking,” pleasure neurotransmitter, the more this gets “revved up,” the more your inhibitions lower and the desire and cravings for higher starch and fatty foods increases that much more.

Again, I go back to my point that ALL of these, while research based, truly come down to how they affect YOU, the individual.

After my own “tug of war” with this GREAT DEBATE, as well as working through automating my personal health and wellness journey, I feel that THESE 4 components have been MY biggest game changers. In all honesty, these can, easily, be implemented, adapted, and modified to meet anyone’s desire to live a realistic, and sustainable, lifestyle.

Moderation: I am going to make this one REALLY simple; you are on a journey called LIFE. This is about navigating “down the middle” and never being “on” or “off” plan. It’s about relinquishing control, and starting to TRUST yourself MORE to make the best decision possible, regardless of the situation. It’s about embracing how you eat, drink, and move with enjoyment & awareness. Gone are the days of feeling guilty or shameful, labeling foods as “good or bad,” and white knuckling your way through your week when it comes to your fitness and nutrition.

Investigation: I know this sounds like a broken record but it is OH SO TRUE – no two people are the same, and no two people’s process are going to be the same either. What works for myself may not work for my sister, for example, and what works for her may not work for her best friend.


Speaking of sister’s and Weddings…here we are this past weekend “putting on ‘da ritz!

In a world where we want instant gratification, and a quick fix, we overlook this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT element. You have to figure out YOU! Maybe you CAN eat pizza and French fries and feel satisfied. Maybe you notice that drinking a glass or two of wine every night sends you for the ice cream after dinner. Maybe your breakfast of eggs and bacon leaves you craving starchy foods later in the day. Whatever it may be, you will never know what your TRUE fat loss formula really is until you start taking the time to figuring it all out. You have the rest of your life to work through this; there is no urgency in figuring it out by the end of the week. Take comfort in knowing this is a continual journey; a journey where you will learn something new about yourself every single day!

Where Are You In The Process? There are going to be ebbs and flows in life; nothing will ever look or be “perfect” but, remember, the goal is that “consistency” and “done” will ALWAYS beat perfection any day. Embrace where you are – right here, right now. Recognize where you have been and where you want to go. Today is going to look different than tomorrow, which is going to look different next week, next month, and even next year. When you learn to let go, and just be in the moment, navigating and enjoying life through all of your wins, struggles, and everything in between, watch the chips start to fall into place. Watch the urgency start to go away, and the automation start to take over.

Keep Goals in Mind: We are all unique; we are all different; yet, we tend to want to get wrapped up in the comparison trap between others who have similar goals as we do. While I get it, this, actually, does nothing more than pull us further and further away from where we actually want to be. How unfair is it that to you? It almost feels that you are setting yourself up for failure, right?  This point directly correlates to the above discussion on investigating your journey and process. No two people are the same; even when the goals are the same, it does not mean that BOTH of you will get from “Point A to Point B” the same way.

Okay, so July was filled with celebrations, parties, fun foods, and libations runneth over. Look back, smile, and be grateful for the experience. Remember, this is a journey, one that is neither linear nor predictable. Life is too short to not fully embrace every minute and to be in the moment!

Plus, the next few weeks will be back to normal! 🙂


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