BIG Bow Ties & Being Totally Vulnerable

By: Janine Serio


Over the weekend, I shared with our “Inner Circle” – FYI: if you want “in,” you can “opt-in” at the bottom of this post – the excitement surrounding my cousin’s Wedding day.

I was honest though, too – this was the first Wedding I had been to (and been asked to be in) since my “husband” decided he wanted a divorce. Going through the motions of being in her Wedding party, I can only reflect back to this time, almost 7 years ago, when I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

There were two reasons I wanted to share this with the “2 Health Nuts” community…

  1. In order to continue my journey through the healing process, I felt strongly about putting into words all (okay, maybe most) of the emotions I was feeling. I had no expectations on how it would be received but I really did not care.
  2. Although the topic of marriage and my pending divorce are not necessarily “health and wellness” related, it, definitely, encompasses the mindset component which, let’s face it, translates into all other areas of your life. I wanted to give a little more insight as to how ALL of this has affected me. At times, I feel like I am in this alone.

BUT, it’s amazing to see what happens when you to start to let people “in.”

To say I was in complete, and utter, awe over the out-pouring of love, support, and touching words that were sent would be a total understatement. Here, I share with you a few…

You will get through this – it is a journey, one step at a time. You got this (words you spoke to me on many an occasion).

So much truth and vulnerability. I respect you so much for sharing.

As I read in a book recently, when this happens you can “kill the love so it stops hurting,” but then something in you dies too, or you can give that love to God to open a new road for you to travel.

Prayers my sweet friend and sister. I can’t imagine, but it must certainly be bittersweet. I remember attending my first baby shower after my miscarriage. I cried in the bathroom a few times, so my heart hurts with you. It is okay to be happy and sad, let the emotions roll! A good cry never hurt anyone–and if you are happy and cheerful the whole time, don’t feel bad for celebrating and enjoying such a wonderful day! You have been such a wonderful cheerleader and just all around wonderful gal! I am thankful for your friendship and sweet posts!

Your honesty and willingness to share is very powerful. As you say to all of your imperfect “trainees”, you’ve got this, girlie!

I think of you often and know that you have struggled as anyone in your shoes would. The difference between you and most people is the grace and strength with which you have decided to live out what has happened. You can’t control other people or circumstances, but you do have choices in how you react. You have chosen well. Today you will experience feelings all over the board…but you know that already, which is half the battle.

In our “8 Week Imperfection Coaching Experience” Group, I talk to my girls ALL THE TIME about being open with their struggles so we can work together to find solutions and strategize. Most of them still find it hard to believe that I, too, struggle with the same things they do, and need their help just as much.

Putting myself out there (vulnerability is not my strong suit), and being completely raw and authentic, was another reminder of the disservice I am doing for NOT SHARING my story with the world. Regardless of how scary it may be and feel, there is something powerful, even liberating, about being vulnerable.

These past 18 months have taught me, at least, THIS —> Whether you are struggling with getting in your workouts during the week, eating mindfully, eating healthy, letting go of the comparison trap, feeling like you are stuck in a “fixed” mindset, or going through something as painful as a divorce, just know you are not alone.

Share your story; let other’s in.

Know that you have a support system of individuals who have your back, can (possibly) resonate with you, and, most importantly, love you just the same.

And, during those times when you feel that vulnerability seems out of reach, drink some champagne, put on a BIG, OVERSIZED bow tie, get your cousin to take a goofy pic, and dance like no one is watching!


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