It’s FRIDAY…And I Am Going to Be Just Fine!

By: Janine Serio


And, just like THAT, it’s Friday! And, guess what, YOU ARE GOING TO BE JUST FINE!

I love, love, love what I am going to share with you today! It is, most likely, one of my favorite topics to discuss.

Is it because I am constantly amazed by the new perspective(s) I gain from not only myself but from others? Absolutely!

Maybe it is because I know FIRST-HAND how “uncomfortable,” yet “rewarding,” Friday’s used to look like for me?  You bet!

Life has its ebbs and flows; as I am sure you can relate, change is not something that magically happens overnight. If you have been following our other blogs, you know that we are consistently using this phrase when it comes to lifestyle change too.

Change – in whatever form – is a process; one that is neither linear or predictable. Everyone is individual and, therefore, everyone’s journey & process is going to look different.

Okay Janine, we get it…blah, blah, blah. WHAT is so juicy that you cannot stop talking about it? And why the heck does it matter that it is Friday and you are telling me I will “be okay?”

Today’s blog post is about TRUST and MINDFULNESS; it’s about learning HOW to trust yourself to make the best decision possible, regardless of the situation, environment, or even the day of the week.

Are you reading this feeling like you have fallen victim to this idea of an “all-or nothing” lifestyle? I am sure most of you can resonate on some level…and some may not even be consciously aware that they take on this mindset.

Imagine a straight line that you have divided down the middle. We will call the middle “moderation.” On one end, we have “totally obsessive;” we need to be in total CONTROL of every bite, lick, and taste we put in our mouth. On the opposite end, we become totally OUT OF CONTROL because our willpower is gone and deprivation is high!

Let me ask you this question – do you find yourself “white knuckling” your way through the week, trying to be “perfect” and “in control” of everything you eat? You deprive yourself of all of your favorites, and exercise like a fiend, because, come Friday, all bets are off and EVERYTHING is fair game! The next 72 hours are filled with all those so called “bad foods” that you would not dare eat or drink during the week.

You tell yourself that it is okay; Monday comes and you will go back to your strict fitness and nutrition regime.  Who cares if guilt consumes you all day Monday, or you feel bloated, tired, lethargic, etc.? Who cares that you will continue this cycle of  spending hours and hours at the gym WITHOUT seeing results?!

I would bet money on the fact that, deep down, YOU DO CARE and that is why I want you to start, today, with implementing mindfulness into your process.

I would love to tell you that practicing mindfulness is easy but, quite frankly, it is just the opposite. The good news is that, overtime, just like with anything you practice, it will become that much easier, that much more effortless, and completely automated. Your quality of life – yes, trust me – and overall enjoyment of foods will increase tremendously too!

Yes, I know, trying something new TOTALLY pulls you out of your comfort zone…and can be scary shit! There is something very comforting about staying status quo; there is comfort in predictability. It’s funny to think that even though we know something is not working, we continue to remain in this so called “comfort zone” because we know we cannot fail.

Herein lies the problem…we are not being challenged and we are not learning how to TRUST ourselves!

Ask yourself this question – “What is the absolute WORST thing that could happen if I start to TRUST myself a little bit more?” I don’t want you to put this on your “to-do” list, or say you will do it next week, or tell yourself you are too busy and wait to “try” this in the Fall.

No, I want you to do it TODAY!

Think about the “what if’s?”

  • What if I decided to have my favorite dressing on my salad because it left me feeling MORE satisfied and less likely to dive into the bottomless bread basket?
  • What if I stopped “forcing” myself to eat every 2-3 hours – hello 5-6 meals per day – of bland protein and steamed vegetables. Instead, WHAT IF I ate according to when I was hungry and what sounded more satisfying & less depriving?
  • What if I stopped prepping meals and just figured it out throughout the day?
  • What if I ALLOWED myself to have a slice or two of pizza, a handful of nachos, a scoop or two of my favorite ice cream, or even a glass or two of wine every evening instead of saving them ALL for the weekend? Maybe, just maybe, I would eat with more mindfulness, feel perfectly OKAY come Monday morning, and not feel like I have to totally go ALL OUT over the weekend.

Hmm, feels kind of freeing, huh? Maybe even intriguing? What about relief?

This is tough shit BUT it is absolutely necessary in “freeing” yourself from needing to be in total control. Here is where you need to start drawing the line in the sand as it pertains to the scarcity vs. abundance mindset.

It’s about recognizing that you don’t have to eat the entire bag of candy in one sitting; or eat all of the French fries that come with your meal because, “starting Monday,” you have to be strict again. This does NOTHING but play into the deprive, then binge, cycle.

I want your weekends to start looking like your weekdays. I want Friday to come around and you know you will BE OKAY! When you start to see this shift, you will know that you are well on your way to living that sustainable, REALISTIC,  and moderate lifestyle.

Truth: You will always be able to have (and have access to) your favorite candy, French fires, ice cream, nachos, or whatever your favorite treats may be. Stop feeling like you have to consume all at once…and, hello, in one sitting for that matter. Wouldn’t you feel so much better – both physically and mentally – if you had a protion of your favorite candy, for example, 7 days a week, then consuming the entire bag in the course of a weekend?

The answer seems so obvious YET, I know, it can still feel so hard!

Consuming a little of your favorites every day encourages and teaches you mindfulness and moderation…and being able to TRUST yourself to be around these foods without consuming all at once. Yes, it’s scary and hard, and, yes, it is a feeling of total discomfort BUT…

THIS, right here, is what practicing the abundance mindset and moderate lifestyle is all about! 🙂


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