Do You Have a Little “PEP” In Your Step?

By: Janine Serio

This week has been filled with so much excitement, anxiousness, and even a little stress (don’t worry…it’s all good)! We are so excited and pumped to share that we have 35+ participants in our “14 Day Imperfection Experiment,” which started June 1st. Talk about a group of like-minded women who are all looking to level-up and challenge each other to be a better version of their current self!

Over the course of the 14 days, the program is comprised of mini challenges along the way. The first one focused on exercise and why “less is more” when it comes to your workouts. Not only does it help you adopt a healthier relationship when it comes to exercise, but it is highly effective for physique change, pushing past plateaus, and overall mental relief.

When it comes to changing your physique, we encourage (and educate) our clients and followers to strive and have a little “PEP” in their step. This is about your workouts being Precise, Effective, and Powerful.

  1. Precise: Would you agree that you tend to have a more positive mindset when you hear the words “short” and “precise” rather than “long” and “monotonous?” I sure feel that way! Is it safe to say that you could push harder, and with more intensity, if you only had 20 minutes to workout, rather than 45 or 60 minutes? Absolutely! You want it to count, right? Changing the duration of your workouts from 60+ minutes, to less than 30, not only gives you time back on your side, BUT, it is both mentally rewarding (goodbye workouts that feel like a chore) & helps to keep those hormones balanced. Start by making a mental checklist of how your body responds and adapts. Do you notice that your constant hunger and cravings are beginning to subside? What about your energy levels? Do you have more “pep” in your step rather than feeling constantly drained? Are you sleeping better? Has your digestion improved? Instead of feeling boated and looking puffy, are you looking/feeling leaner and starting to see definition?
  2. Effective: In conjunction with shorter, more precise workouts, you also need to hone in on how HEAVY you are training. Regardless of your age and fitness level, you need to place a force on your body in order for it to make a change. It needs to be CHALLENGED! Yes, everyone’s ability to lift a certain amount of weight is different. I am not suggesting that, if you are new to exercise, that you start to lift the same amount of weight as the gal in the gym who has been working out for years. What I am saying is that I want you to pull yourself out of your comfort zone. It is easy to revert back to your 5 or 8 lbs. and your 20-25 reps in a given set. There is comfort in knowing you can do this and, also, not fear that you will “bulk up.” I promise, this will not happen! The goal is to be safe, be in control of your weights (and form), and gradually build over time!
  3. Powerful: Instead of looking at your workouts from a time perspective (30 vs. 60 minutes), I want you to focus on intensity. When you train intense, you are putting more force on your body which, in turn, will cause change. Every person’s intensity level is different (i.e. fitness level, age, genetics, etc.) – there is no right or wrong. It’s about finding out what works for YOU and YOUR BODY. As discussed, if you want to train intensely and effectively, you have to keep your workouts short and sweet. Additionally, make sure you monitor your nutrition, and get plenty of rest & recovery between your workout sessions.

Here is a picture of my Mom and I pre-30 minute (extremely hilly) power walk!


Higher Intensity + Short, Precise Workouts = Greater The Amount of Fat Burned (both during, and for hours after, your workout)! AND, if you are looking for more workouts that are fast, efficient, and highly effective, grab a FREE copy of our 21 Day Fitness Blueprint. You will receive 5, body weight only exercises, along with additional literature and a guide on how to implement, that can be done anywhere, anytime. What’s even better is that they are all under 30 minutes or less! Get ready to be challenged (and also get time back on your side)! 

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