The Chicken Wings Made Me Do It…

By: Janine Serio


Lots of feedback has come through our inbox recently answering the question, “What is your #1 struggle as it pertains to fitness, nutrition, and mindset?” Aaahh, this insight is awesome! Part 2 of our 4-Week “Mindset & Matwork” Series is going to help navigate one of the most frequented answers we have received – “I cannot seem to lose those last 5lbs., regardless of how much I eat and/or exercise.” Plus, another FREE workout!

It is a pretty general statement – “I cannot seem to lose those last 5lbs.” There could be a host of reasons “why” the scale is not changing or your pants are still feeling a little snug.

Let me quickly deviate; speaking of the scale, it is FINALLY time to say goodbye! Stop letting “IT” control and dictate your self worth! It is an addictive behavior and one that becomes more obsessive over time. If you want to keep it around to “check-in” with yourself on a yearly basis, okay, that is fine. To keep it around so you can “check-in” daily, or hourly, serves absolutely no purpose. Scale numbers down – woo hoo! Happy day! Scale numbers up – wtf, I have no self-control! Obviously, it is what I have been eating…Get the drift?

Okay, back to the original point.  So what could possibly be some of those “why” questions?

  • Undereating and being too restrictive
  • Overcompensating for calories burned, thus overeating
  • Exercising too much throughout your week, or at a given time
  • Emphasizing cardio and not strength training
  • Not getting the recommended 7+ hours of sleep every night
  • Stress levels are through the roof

The list goes on and on…

As we know, everyone is individual and, therefore, everyone’s fat loss process is going to be different. Today, the focus is on food consumption and food obsessive behaviors as it relates to our physique goals (and overall mindset). The presented 3 strategies and practices will, hopefully, open up the conversation with YOURSELF to start introspecting and investigating your current process.

  1. Your #1 practice will be one of mindfulness; learning how to TRUST yourself to make the best decision possible, regardless of the situation. Unfortunately, so many of us have fallen victim to this “all-or-nothing” approach; this total obsession with needing to be in CONTROL with every morsel we put in our mouth, or being totally out of control because willpower is gone and deprivation is high. Practicing mindfulness is not easy, at first, but, over time, it will become easy, effortless, and your quality of life – yes, trust me – and overall enjoyment of food will increase tremendously. Okay, I get it – it is scary as shit to try something new. There is comfort in staying status quo; there is comfort in predictability. What I want you to START doing, TODAY – not tomorrow, next week, or next month – is to ask yourself the question, “What is the WORST thing that could possibly happen if I started to TRUST myself more?” Okay Janine, we need a little more explanation…
  • Would I be OKAY if I decided to have some dressing on my salad because it left me feeling MORE satisfied?
  • What if I stopped eating 5-6 times per day of my bland chicken breast and steamed vegetables, and ate according to when I was hungry and what sounded more satisfying and less depriving? On this same note, would I survive not prepping my meals and just figuring it out along the way?
  • Will I start to become more in-tune with eating from a physical standpoint (i.e. hunger, energy, cravings, etc.) vs. an emotional one (i.e. boredom, stress, fatigue, etc.)?
  • Will I be able to embrace how my body feels when it gets to the point of physical hunger (the goal is to not get to this point but, hey, it happens and needs to be addressed) and know what will satisfy me the MOST vs. just eating to fill the void (i.e. mindless eating)?

This is tough stuff but it is absolutely necessary in “freeing” yourself from needing to be in control 24/7. Once you start letting go, trusting yourself, and honoring your own process (not one from Weight Watchers, Atkins, Medifast, etc.), you will have greater clarity, a healthier relationship with food, and, guess what, those last 5 lbs. may melt away quicker thank you think!

2. Your 2nd practice will be about making that switch from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance. It’s about recognizing that you don’t have to eat the whole bag of M&M’s at one sitting, eat all of the French fries that come with your meal because you will not be able “to have” for another week, or scarf down the whole plate of chicken wings before your dinner is served. THIS plays into the deprive, then binge, cycle. You white-knuckle your way, and try to be “perfect,” with your eating throughout the week, only to let the wheels come off the track come the weekend. All of your favorite treats are “game,” and in whatever quantity. You wake up Monday morning, feeling totally defeated and guilt-ridden, and now you are back on your strict plan. Let’s change this mentality; ultimately, your goal should be that your weekends look like your weekdays. When you start to see this shift, you will know that you are on your way to living that healthy, moderate lifestyle. You will always be able to (and should always be able to) have some M&M’s, French fries, or whatever your favorite treats may be. You will always have access to these food items. Stop feeling like you have to consume all at once, and in one sitting (hello scarcity). I would much rather you have a handful of M&M’s, 7 days a week, than eating a full bag over the course of a weekend. Consuming a little every day encourages and teaches you moderation, and being able to trust yourself to be around these treats without consuming all at once. This is practicing the abundance mindset!

Still with me? Good stuff? Hang in, one more practice (short and sweet) to discuss and then your FREE workout!

3. Your 3rd practice is one of permission; yes, permission to EAT YOUR TREATS and move the heck on with your day! Wait, what? This goes back to what was discussed with the abundance mindset practice. If you gave yourself permission to eat your “treats,” daily, would there be less urgency and obsession? Would the means to deprive, then binge, slowly start to diminish and a more moderate approach be taken? Would you be able to manage your daily eating habits more intuitively? The answer to each is ABSOLUTELY, BUT it is about taking that “next step,” and navigating your way through, no matter how scary it feels. This is another piece of the TRUST process.

It is with practice – and no urgency – that you honor where you are on this journey. Take one day at a time. Be patient, mindful, and, most importantly, enjoy life.

Phew, that was a lot, huh? Yes, lots of content but, remember, no need to take it all in at once (or feel overwhelmed). You got this…and we are here to help you along the way! Alright, now for the REAL fun! Are you ready for this week’s workout? Time to get down and dirty with a little “Lower Body Nuttiness.” 

Last week, we discussed focusing on an exercise frequency of 2-3 days per week if you were looking to assist with decreasing stress and balancing your hormones. If you are following this protocol, then use this workout on one of your assigned “workout days.” If you are following your own regime, add it in accordingly. Enjoy! 

“Lower Body Nuttiness”

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