The Twenty Minute Total Body “Tizzy!”

By: Janine Serio


Ahh, have you ever had one of those days where everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – seems to put you in a “tizzy?” From the way you made your breakfast, to the workout you put together, to the super friendly colleague who decides to ask you a bajillion questions at work. It just becomes a big ole’ WTF kind of day.

I have a confession, though. The “2 Health Nuts” have felt this way for the past few weeks. Don’t get us wrong – it’s all good- but we are totally feeling the shift from calm and collected to “OMGOSH, what is going to happen next?” Hence, the birth of the “Twenty Minute Total Body Tizzy;” the perfect compliment to “fit” our current mood! 😉

Over the past 4 weeks, we have progressed from body weight, to bands, to heavy dumbbells, and we have even worked our way up the time ladder, too. What goes up, must come down, though – remember, we are all about the short, efficient, and effective workouts – and now we are back to 20 minutes. For those who have checked out our prior workouts, you know that 20 minutes will get da’ job done.

If you are ready for that “what the heck” feeling, this heart-pounding, fat basting scorcher will do just the trick. Pull out the heavy weights from last week and get new batteries for the stop watch. You have 20 minutes – and only 20 minutes – to work yourself into a fitness tizzy!


The 20 Minute Total Body “Tizzy!”

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