Daria’s Race Day Repertoire 101

By: Daria Shaw


Good “O’Dark-Thirty” Morning! Keeping this one short and sweet today; I mean, I do have a little running to conquer in a few hours. 😉

As per my usual routine, I was up early (hello 3:00 am) and ready to seize the day. I am not typically one to strategize a meal, but I have tested this breakfast for my last two long runs. Needless to say, it was a winner! Along with a spinach and mushroom egg white omelet, I also enjoyed one of my new favorite “go-to’s” – pumpkin quinoa porridge. If you missed our blog post which showcased this recipe, CLICK HERE to check it out! 

One of my biggest nutritional needs has been to keep my potassium levels in check. I have “suffered” through enough stiff and cramping muscles throughout my training to know this is a must. Approximately 15-30 minutes before the race, I will (most definitely) consume a banana.

Now the fun part, what to eat on the run…literally. I have gotten hooked on Pro Bar Organic Energy Chews. They are as “all-natural” as an energy chew can get, they do not upset my stomach while running, and they give me that blast of energy when I need it most. With a serving size of 4-5 chews, I will consume at the 6 mile marker, and then see if more are needed at the 11 mile marker.

As for fluid consumption, this ought to be interesting. It has been a “running” joke (ah, pun so not intended but that is funny) among the Health Nuts that race day would be unseasonably warm since we have only trained in 10-20 degree weather it seems (and feels). I think we jinxed it; with this past week having had record breaking temperatures, today is supposed to be ~30-40 degrees WARMER than what I have been accustomed to running in thus far. It’s okay; power of positive thinking!

While I, by no means, recommend doing this, my long runs (to date) have not incorporated any water and/or fluid consumption. Honestly, it has not felt necessary for me. Running the 13.1 mile distance does not “scare” me – this factor has thrown me off my game a bit. I know that there are PLENTY of water stations I can utilize (in case I get into trouble) and, hopefully, my adrenaline will kick into gear too! I will keep you posted on all my race day highs and lows (hopefully all highs)!

That’s all for me…gotta’ RUN! I am cracking myself up this morning. Maybe it is because I am RUNNING on little sleep. Okay, I am going to quit while I am ahead.

P.S. The Pumpkin Spice RxBar shown in the picture is part of my “post-race” refuel. If you are I interested in learning more, or want to purchase, check out our website. CLICK HERE for details!

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