It’s “BANDemonium,” We Tell Ya!

By: Janine Serio


It’s Wednesday…and you know what that means!? Time for another FREE “Nutty 4 March Madness” workout! This week, we take your “A-Game” to the next level with a 20 minute, FULL BODY, fat-blasting workout that can be done anywhere, anytime with one of our favorite pieces of fitness equipment right now…the RESISTANCE BAND! With just this ONE piece of equipment, you have a TOTAL BODY sculpting, toning, and fat-burning routine ready to go!The perfect solution when looking to add a little more intensity to your body weight routine, resistance bands are an awesome (and sometimes underrated) means to ‘amping up your strength and cardiovascular gains when recovering from an injury, if you are bored with your, current, workout routine, and/or if you tend to travel a lot.

Resistance bands are a great way to target muscle groups with controllable, constant, and progressive resistance. While, at first, the resistance will feel “less,” as you work towards your end repetition or time goal, the resistance will feel that much “greater.” We love the fact that it is a low impact option to build muscle, especially if coming off an injury or your joints are just plain achy. We see this a lot with clients who have done years of heavy lifting and/or heavy lifting with incorrect form. Additionally, for our gym gurus who are bored with their current routine, or for those who tend to travel a lot, and have minimal time to get to the gym, adding resistance bands to the mix is extremely beneficial to create a new way of stimulating muscle growth. It is portable, affordable, and completely versatile!

*Note: If you are away from a gym, and are unable to complete your usual strength training regime, bands are more than enough to maintain gains and achieve significant improvement in your strength and conditioning goals. It can be very easy to plateau, though, since gauging intensity and progress can be challenging with this modality. Make sure your program is SMART (for continued progress, of course) and monitor how “easy”/challenging the exercises and repetitions are/become over time. Employ the same strategies as you would if using other modalities such as dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, etc.

When choosing a “perfect” band, there are many different brands/styles out on the market. Our recommendation is to pick one that is durable, even if it means spending a little extra money. Believe it or not, it will, easily, get wear and tear, especially if using on a consistent basis. Our favorite brand is the First Place Resistance Toner by Perform Better. To start off you collection, we suggest purchasing 2-3 bands of varying resistance; “yellow, red, & blue” are our “go-to’s,” which correspond to light, medium, and heavy. Of course, feel free to go even lighter, or even heavier, depending on your fitness level and/or goals. If choosing another brand, though, be mindful of their color to resistance offerings…they are all different!

Ready for this workout to get a little wild? Click on the link to gain access to this week’s Wednesday Workout! You can do this anywhere, anytime – from your home, to the gym, and even your hotel room. See, NO. MORE. EXCUSES!

 “BANDemonium” Workout

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