“The Champagne of Dairy”

By: Janine Serio


Derived from the Turkish word “keif,” and translated to mean “feeling good,” KEFIR has been getting lots of recent attention. According to Chris Kesser of “Let’s Take Back Your Health,” he states “the various types of beneficial microbiota contained in kefir make it one of the most potent probiotic foods available.” Now, that is a win! Before being recommended by an integrative nutritionist to try this “milk smoothie,” I was kind of in the dark about what the heck Kefir was even all about (the name, alone, was a bit of a turn off). Boy, was I living under a rock!

As a fermented milk product, it has been gently heated to eliminate the potential for harmful bacteria to form. In order for the fermentation process to begin, a specific mixture of various bacteria and yeast cultures are added to the milk. Beyond its rich host of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids, it has a plethora of other benefits to assist in general health maintenance.

  1. Kefir contains high levels of thiamin, B12, calcium, folate, Vitamin K2, biotin, magnesium, and phosphorus. *One of the things I love about a healthy dose of phosphorus? It helps the body to utilize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for energy, cell growth, and maintenance. Whoop whoop!
  2. Kefir has positive effects on gut health. Not only is it a “potent probiotic,” but it increases immunity to promote a healthy gut and digestion too. Another positive is its effect on bone health. Although lactose-free, it provides up to 30% of your daily Calcium needs.
  3. Its high protein content keeps hunger at bay and satisfaction high, which can aid in weight management.
  4. Additionally, it has been shown to keep hair, skin, and nails strong, and even increase one’s mood too!

(Benefits are based on a 1 cup, 8 oz. serving)

So, how am I currently implementing?

Brand Purchased: Lifeway (Plain), Organic

Store: In the fridge; consume within 7 days upon opening for maximum freshness and benefit.

Consumption: A la smoothie (see below for recipe); super easy! 🙂 Make sure to shake well before drinking and/or adding to your smoothie.

Although still too early in my kefir journey to see if it is (fully) working for me, I know that, at the least, I am doing my body a world of good. I will continue to implement, monitor, and keep you posted on the progress.

Still wondering why it is called the “Champagne of Dairy?” It’s natural, fizzy, carbonated consistency resembles this cocktails properties. Hmm, the jury is still out on this one!

{Recipe}  The “Berry Interested in Kefir” Smoothie



  • 1/2 -1 cup Kefir, plain…go slow with serving size; gradually increase as you become more in-tune with how your body is handling
  • 1 scoop favorite protein powder…my favorite is Vega Brand (chocolate); plant-based and non-whey. If you are interested in finding our more, or to purchase, CLICK HERE!
  • 1/2 – 1 cup berries, fresh or frozen (feel free to mix if you want)
  • Depending on how much Kefir you add, an additional 1/2-1 cup of liquid (i.e. water) should be added.
  • Handful or two of ice, or as much needed to reach desired consistency.
  • 1-2 tbsp. raw pumpkin seeds


  1. Place Kefir, water, protein, berries, and ice in high tech blender.
  2. Blend until you reach desired consistency.
  3. Sprinkle 1-2 tbsp. raw pumpkin seeds on top. Serve & enjoy!

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