Wednesday’s Wacky Sprint Workout


Disclaimer: Don’t worry, you do not have to be training for a marathon to participate in this workout!

There are many reasons one WANTS to run a marathon – check off their bucket list, do something special, raise money for a charity, test their physical fitness level, etc. As for the “2 Health Nuts,” our goal has been two fold…

1. Do the least amount of “damage” (i.e. chronic cardio, overtraining, stay injury free, etc.) to produce the biggest benefit.

2. To beta-test out our 13.1 & 26.2 Marathon Training Program that was designed to train the body to use energy more efficiently. Essentially, while we are logging miles, we are not really training for a marathon; instead, we are training to be effective fat burners (more on this at a later time).

Most marathon training programs have you running 3-5 days/week, with very little strength training and a whole lot of overtraining. One of the things we have found to be exceptionally key in our training is our INTERVAL sessions. Sure, they are short and sweet but, do not be fooled, they can (and are) INTENSE. We have added these 2x per week to our training schedules – one day on a track and the other on a hill – to improve speed & endurance (our minute/mile times have seen awesome improvement), improve body composition while maintaining lean muscle mass, and to prevent boredom from doing “another run.”

Marathon training or not, intervals should be a must in your workout repertoire. Beyond what we have listed, implementing this type of work into your training schedule will also yield great benefits for your heart, cut your workout time in half, and your adherence level will, most likely, increase too! Soooo, we wanted you to share in our FUN! The following workout can be for all fitness levels…just be mindful to EASE into it. Try implementing 1-2 days per week, and monitor your progress and intensity over time. Go at your own pace, and break when needed. Good luck!

Wednesday’s Wacky Sprint Workout

*While this works beautifully out on the track, you can, certainly, do on a treadmill too!

Cardiovascular Warm-Up: 2 laps around the track; walk or jog (if on a treadmill, walk or jog ~1/2 mile)

Dynamic Stretching Warm-Up: Squats, lunges, leg swings, hip openers, knee circles, hip circles; 10 reps per move (and per side if applicable)

(Traveling) high knees, butt kickers, lateral shuffles, Frankenstein kicks (~10-15 yards)

100 meter sprints (treadmill ~10-20 seconds)

Goal of 10 Rounds

  • 1st 3 sprints @ 50-60% max (1 minute recovery in between)
  • Sprints 4-6 @ 60-75% max (1 1/2 minute recovery in between)
  • Sprints 7-9 @ 75-90% max (2 minute recovery in between)
  • Sprint 10 @ 100% ALL OUT MAX

Cool-Down: Stretch of ALL MAJOR MUSCLE GROUPS & Foam Roll (if you have one)

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