When Life Knocks You Down…DO A BURPEE!

By: Janine Serio


I will admit, as of late, one of my favorite moto’s has been “when you are going through shit, lift HEAVY shit” (thx Jill Coleman)! There is something about a hard-core, “balls to the wall,” metabolic conditioning workout that gets your mindset in check and “lifts” (pun intended) you out of a funk. So, when I came across this fabulous phrase, I told Daria that we had to put together a “Wednesday Workout” that incorporated two of our favorites – BURPEES and TABATAS. Okay, the jury may still be out on both but, when it comes to a good arse kicking in the gym, these two will do just the trick!

It’s funny…we laugh; we joke; and we sometimes are even intimidated by “that” six letter word. How many times have you  bypassed a workout because you see the word “BURPEE” in bold letters listed somewhere in the line-up? There have been many a client whose first question to us – prior to the start of their workout – is “are there burpees today?”

Insert facial expression that best resembles the “nervous emoji.”

What is our fascination with this exercise? Is it that we know it will be challenging, and don’t like the feeling of getting out of our comfort zone? Is it that we secretly enjoy doing them but feel silly admitting? No, no, it must mean that we think it is an extremely underrated move that must be done every time we workout. #nowthatisfunny

In honor of our WEDNESDAY WORKOUT, and our “obsession” with “the burpee,” we have created quite a treat for you!

Welcome “Burpee Bonanza;” a 20 minute, full body workout that will help you build strength, increase your muscular strength and endurance, and have you secretly wanting more! Additionally, there will be a focus on agility, coordination, and a metabolic push towards reaching your physique goals. Throw this workout into your weekly repertoire (1-2x per week), and monitor progress over the next 4-6 weeks.

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Game face on? Here we go…


For each exercise, you will perform it “Tabata” style; 20 seconds of work, 10 second recovery; 8 rounds per exercise. Take a 30-45 second recovery after each full Tabata, if needed, or use the 10 second recovery as your only recovery. If 8 rounds feels like too much to start off, begin with 4 or 6 rounds – whatever feels comfortable and FITS your current fitness level. Examples of ideal weights to use are indicated next to each exercise.

*Please be mindful of those low backs upon standing up, especially when using weight. Additionally, feel free to modify/regress the actual “burpee” exercise if you need to pull back in intensity to “keep you in.”

  1. Burpee (without push-up) – Body Weight Only
  2. Burpee with Push-Up – Body Weight Only
  3. Burpee with Push-Up, Right Row, Left Row – 12-20 lbs.
  4. Burpee (without push-up) to Bicep Curl – 12-20 lbs.
  5. Burpee (without push-up) to Bicep Curl & Shoulder Press – 12-20 lbs.

Disclaimer: Make sure you perform a proper warm-up and cool-down prior to, and after, your workout. While these are general guidelines, this workout becomes progressively intense. As mentioned, make sure to modify the moves and/or rounds as you see fit, and tailor it to your current fitness level. If, at any point, you are not feeling well (i.e. dizzy, nauseous, etc.), STOP IMMEDIATELY and consult your physician.

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