“Foodie Friday”…Pumpkin Quinoa Porridge


Ready to spice up your breakfast? Tired of the same old oatmeal and egg whites? Maybe you have fallen into the protein shake/bar convenience trap. Regardless of what your morning routine has become, it is time to get cooking in the kitchen and excited for breakfast again! Adapted from “Food Babe,” this recipe uses an abundance of hearty, nutrient-rich ingredients that will keep you satisfied and comforted (on these cold mornings) long after consuming. It’s easy; it’s different; it’s just plain FUN. We will say this much, it will totally keep the “2 Health Nuts” fueled, and then refueled, for their weekend mileage runs! 🙂 Enjoy…and let us know if you try! Continue reading

One Cocktail You Should Avoid Consuming!

By: Janine Serio

It’s 1:00 am…not 6:00 am (or even 5:00 am) but 12:58 am to be exact. An all too familiar feeling and “routine” over this last year. I am wide awake; mind is racing; anxiousness and stress quickly start to rear their ugly head. After reading two chapters from my bedside personal development book, and catching up on the latest “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” episode, (I know, two totally different extremes), I am FINALLY able to drift back to sleep. Although by no means a sound sleep, I was “excited” to read 5:05 am at the next clock check. Okay, I can get out of bed. Time to get up; time to get the day started. Continue reading

So, Who Exactly Are the “2 Health Nuts?”


Welcome! 🙂 While you can read our more “formal” biography under the “Health Nuts” tab at the top of the banner, we wanted to give you a very informal background on who we are and what we are all about! While our expertise are in the areas of fitness, fat loss, and behavioral change (#mindset), we also like to have a lot of fun and venture outside of our “comfort zone” too. Continue reading